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Could be a weaker spot. Johnny Hecker, the partner has filled in the best way to avoid that a score a lot of four H or go for two point conversions. And the Rams are very efficient at that. So I I think this is a well rounded ram team. I mean, they went out and got defensive players they're gearing up for a Super Bowl run. There's no planning for the future. They signed the right. Kind of guys they have the right kind of talented place. They want to be a Super Bowl or at least Super Bowl contending team of the new stadium arrives. They're on their way, they want to ask you about something that came out today. And this is another sort of unpleasant issue that the NFL has to deal with it is football hall of Famer is threatening to boycott the annual induction ceremonies unless they start getting health insurance and salary. And that includes they share of the league's revenue they say the one hundredth anniversary of the NFL is approaching in twenty twenty. But that's they say one hundred years of what they call player exploitation is not worth celebrating. They say these retire. Guys are exploited for their images. And for marketing purposes, do you know, any more about this and how this is going to shake out? Well, I've done some some benefits for some of the veterans years ago who were brought in under the last decade or so we're NFL players are taken care of better at terms of pension and retirement, and let's face it. A of all the sports that are played professionally no athlete. Their body is speed up or sacrifice Moore, especially down the line on the roster. Would you talk about the, you know, the fortieth or forty fifth player who's out there on special teams running into kicker. So I think for an older crowd that play before they were so protected and concerned about safety at least aware of some of the things that took place on the field. They should be treated better. Even if we have to go back, even if the current players and some of them do a put money in. So that the previous veterans who weren't covered under the modern plan are compensator or least protected in some way. So it is something that needs to be addressed. Join us tomorrow. At this time when our football insider will be Rams hall of Famer Jackie Slater. Remember, you can follow the KNX insiders on Alexa. Just search KNX ten seventy attorneys for Ashley Judd.

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