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The problem is he's the owner his boss tells him to do you know yeah well. And he's boss. Isn't the council like it should be. It's roger. I forget the year before i forget. You won't forget your point what i would like to see. I would like to see irrelevant. Either dan or jim in public meetings. Say open dinner. Dan hours jim aderholt council members that come on the show frequently in that Anyway i would like to for them to ask in an open meeting. Why did nervous melis. Why were they threaten with a five thousand dollar fine. Just so that. Everybody watching on facebook and see roger explain why nervous nellie was threatened with a five thousand dollar. Fine where okay. You saw the facebook ad. Let's say the somebody behind the building complained because it's supposed to be is supposed to be complaint driven so somebody complained. They printed out the facebook and we didn't even say with len was here. The code enforcement officer said to them were coming down two or three times on saint patrick's day to make sure. Now that's bullshit right there. Are they going to go to every other place in do that. No they're not as my guess But listen like every other reptile roger slithers away you know he puts this stuff down and then he just slid away. You're not talking about again. You're not talking about the council talking about the mayor. You're talking about this person who is controlling information and not giving all the information to he works for so we can control it and then doing certain things or giving certain information to the business community keeping them at odds with the council. This is how he keeps his job. This only makes money. This is how all his contractor buddies make money. This is law firm makes money man. Come on he's writing this town just like you did. All the others went to okay. You said that that. And that's my personal opinion. Okay you were concerned that i might have been committing slander defamation concerned. Let me tell you what i know because it's not slandering. It's not defamation. All right There's been lots of rumors that there were questions about finances. And what happened to some money when he left in the keys. I understand there was questions about that when he left miami. I understand. there was some questions about that. When he left marco now. I can't confirm that. I'm not putting it out here on the truth. I'm telling you there are those rumors and we're digging to find out. People that are looking in those places too. So is that the truth. I don't know yet. But when i find it i'll come and report it for you. Thank you thank you lose allegations right. I don't know the answer to yet either. That business people have been forced to give roger. You know twenty thirty thousand dollars because you know we incredible that would reclamation plan is good. You don't have to pay the fine by the judge. Reclamation plan yet disapproved by town he allegedly wants to see roger and said you know.

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