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Help you understand. Not only what we know about how we know what we know. I'm fraser. cain publisher university with me as always dr pamela gay a senior scientist for the planetary scientists dude and the director of cosmic quest. If i'm how you doing i'm doing well. How are you doing fraser doing very well. Have you seen the new pictures. That nasa has sent back of banu of the landing spot of of cyrus wrecks. I had a really good laugh because they have this fabulous animation. They did explaining what they intended to do with the mission which is to basically fly down with their little arm and boop the asteroid banu and then fly away. The thing is wild thereafter. The fact interview still showed this nice friendly boop in reality banu punched really hard really yard and it was like on its way into the asteroid when thrusters were finally able to reverse its motion after it descended half a meter. That's like more than knee. Depth in yeah the asteroid like i just sort of imagining like it. Just sorta plunged its jaws into banu took a giant bite. And then kicks itself back out and you can now. These new pictures of chemo from nasa. Like the last day or to see this scar on the space rock where you know we're at we're bit and it's so cool and it's exciting to see this whole thing now. It's time for to come home but but it is the capstone on this incredible work that everybody at cosmo quest did to to survey the asteroid to mark every rock to suggest places that could land the space craft the landing and now we see the proof and now the data is i guess the final step will be when the sample is in the hands of the of the scientists in there actually examining it instead of saying the films and the can the rocks are in the camp all around more rock than anticipated exactly because it jammed. It's face half a meter into the asteroid and it's just overfilled so day by day we're losing our connection with the night sky already. One-third of humanity lives in so much light pollution that they can't see the milky way without a drive and now satellite constellations are any additional light pollution even in the darkest guys on earth and we will get into that topic at the second but first let's have a break and we're back. So can you see the qa from your backyard. Pamela i can just not very dramatically we have unfortunately those tax historic looking not actually historic streetlights that the international dark sky association complains about where you have a poll with a teardrop on top and because they're fake historic lights actually really bright. Led's inside of them and and so they make a fair amount of light pollution so even in my small town. It's we can see it. We just can't see the details senate. It's not bad for me. I can definitely see it from my backyard. Where i grew up. Its much darker..

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