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Jamison Ingley actually didn't talk for two years after he cut that very upset. He shows up. So we're in, we're in Beijing. Fat comes and it rolls into town. He rolls in and it's like, hey, what's up? And he's like, you know, I went searching for enlightenment and I just felt an endless void. Let's with me. Like that. Isn't that like. She says that she's like, he's like, what's up with you? And she's like, works. Those studio. And then she's like, you're the best came just power through it and don't really care not anymore house. The Lightman thing I'm feel surrounded by endless sorrow right? Is that is that enlightenment? I don't think so. It's like he reached the end of the road and realized that his feelings for her with the only thing that matters is life. He's so he's like Clint Eastwood. Right? Like he's like the greatest warrior ever. He's been up to all kinds of shit. This is based on the fourth book and a five book series. Yeah. So there's been like three books which is like Lima by kicks. Some magic bears asks or whatever, right? Like there's been three books just adventures. It's great that by picking a later book, they like end up prescribing to the like, get in late, get out early theory of dramatic storytelling. You don't need to see all the other shit. This guy just comes with baggage, challen fat, and you believe it's also like they don't explain any imagine page word book and like pretty much what James shame and the other writers took out of it was like their Chinese and they fight. Just the basic dynamics, right? Trying to set magic flying power. That's an interesting point here because it's like, okay, huge Hong Kong action, star. He and John. We were one of those pairs where like their movies were crossover success, and they were like, let's get those guys to the states and John who's making big American movies at this point to varying degrees of success. Aero the biggest American movie, right? The number one biggest American film expensively ever made right now. He's about he makes mission puzzle to this year. So he's sort of at the height of his Eric. So he'd gone broken arrow face off, right? So he was on the right trajectory that wasn't totally working in the states. You forgot hard target. Oh yes. I did forget hard time convened damn then broken arrow than face off, but he's moving to a straight upwards trajectory. Right? He's bigger. The movies are doing better and not only that, but his aesthetic is actually well known to western audiences right people know about the fucking doves and two handguns. Jackie Brown has a whole monologue about the killer thriller funny saying it's one of those things like Rucker, how're, and Paul Verhoeven where were like, let's get both these guys over here. And John was like, Salan and fat was doing like the replacement killers the corrupter right? And I feel like everyone knew his name because he was one of those guys who overnight was like above the title and a bunch of action movies, and his name was fat. So people thought it was funny, Chilean fat. No, he'd be. I will see you got the corrupter which is the James Foley Chaldean fat. Mark Wahlberg ninety nine joint, right? There's their placement killers, which is I've seen them a lot of Anton Fuqua. Yeah, movies kinda rolls, Jergen proxy. Yeah, it's just fun broker roofers in it, and then he was an and the king last year, right? Which is a little more of a prestige play right? Directed by Andy Tennant director of hitch. Yeah, director ever after that was his ever Alabama. Yeah, you're right. Yeah. So you know that had been next minute. Here's the ten after this. He doesn't make a movie for three years when he does it to bulletproof monk, which is one of the top five worst movies ever made. My point is it's just weird that he was just like, forget it. He was such a big overseas and his movies did cross over here to the states that he just like, landed as like, Chaldean fat is an American leading man. Everyone pay attention. He's going to be your next great Hollywood movie star. And he was like, sold that way. And in the three movies didn't really connect. But he had that kind of like name recognition, but sight unseen. You watch the first ten minutes of crouching tiger and you get you get it up and you're like, okay, fucking get..

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