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The pound a dollar thirtyseven seventythree amazon plans to expand its vancouver tech hub and create three thousand jobs in fields including ecommerce technology cloud computing and machine learning right now if we take a look at amazon the stock is down three tenths of one percent that's a bloomberg business flash politics policy power and law continues thanks greg after telling a judge that he invoked his fifth amendment right against selfincrimination michael cohen won a temporary ninety day stay order in the stormy daniels lawsuit he argued that he couldn't provide an adequate defense against daniels claims that at twenty sixteen hush agreement wasn't enforceable without cohen's testimony speaking during the two thousand sixteen election then candidate trump offer his thoughts on people who take the fifth the mob why are you taking the fifth amendment joining me is former federal prosecutor robert man's head of the white collar criminal investigation practice at mccarter and english bob let's start out with why people take the fifth and whether you can believe them or not because there's a lot of skepticism about that but generally do juries except the kind of testimony from people who flip more often than they don't well the fact is that they generally do cases typically are made not only with documents and what we would call sort of hard evidence but they also require testimony and most of the time or at least in many federal cases that testimony is given through the eyes of one of the co conspirators themselves and that is what we would consider informant testimony it really allows prosecutors to take the jury by the hand and explain a crime as it is unfolding in real time through the eyes and ears of someone who participated in the actual criminal activity let's turn back to the ninety day stay civil trials can take years and years and parties get delays all the time so is this ninety day stay a big deal well the circumstance we have here where there is a criminal investigation that's going on at the same time that there is a.

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