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If you wanna talk about people who are skeptical of climate change talk to the climate change scientists who have studied it because science about you if you you have a hypothesis in your studying it you were sceptical about at every step of the way if you're not being sceptical about the theory you advocate than you're not doing science right right you're not being very good at your job so all of the lead that entire argument makes sense in it does lead one to think all right was just it scientific illiteracy or lack of of reasoning of its being employed here but but kahan is saying that you'll find plenty of people resisting scientific consensus who were highly literate in science and highly logical and they just wind up applying their cognitive resources to fit their beliefs in worldview in fact it gets crazier than this because it's not just that people who are highly educated in science who apparently few test them they understand how science works it's not just that they can disagree with the scientific consensus but that people who have more rational capacity and who have greater cognitive resources in fact tend to apply those more strongly on entrenching themselves against the scientific consensus when they disagree with it it's like of people who are better educated in science are better it coming up with reasons to explain why they don't agree yet with scientists or why they don't agree not just don't agree with scientists but don't agree about even a objective facts like the fact that the majority of scientists to endorse the fact that the earth is warming yeah in it it it isn't it worth noting here that when we're talking about these these dissenting uh individuals like is generally it's not across the board they're not they're dissenting on all scientific consensus it's about a particular topic be that topic.

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