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News brought to you by the extra temporal scanner thermometer, events woman and her brother under arrest facing charges in the murder of suburban twenty three year old woman whose body was found dumped in Berks county woods area wooded area last year. So police say surveillance video as well. As tipsters helped crack this case, no word of the motive for the murder of Madison walled. But Carman Morales Feliciano is now charged with first degree murder, her younger brother, Christopher accused of helping dispose of the victim's body along with another man who police are still searching for Parx casino. In Ben Salem, became one of the first casinos to be approved for sports betting, Pennsylvania. Gaming regulators. Just today the Pennsylvania gaming control board approving sports betting for both the Parx casino. In bucks county as well as its Turf Club facility in south Philadelphia. It'll be a few weeks before you can place those vets and neighbors in one West Chester Pennsylvania neighborhood, they're pretty relieved the search for a missing Pat, a ten foot long snake is over, but they found the boa constrictor in a very unusual place. So the snake apparently managed to get into the engine compartment of an SUV that was parked out in a driveway. There in Westchester so expert that called police and the police had their hands full trying to get lure the snake out of its hiding place get into a box and returner return it to its worried owner. So the snake was found in the car..

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