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Twenty two of your tuna know. Who's next tonight. We got some ladies in the building. We got to my immediate right. We got kilo and their past that. What am i calling you on here. Let's worth okay. I'm like do i call you. Lolo what do i call you today. Hey we all got it about so ladies. what's up. tell me something. Tell me what y'all got going on everything. Me and kayla was talking. So i'm i'm going to her phrase real quick. Okay keep busy summit everything really I'm getting back into music. I've got a lot of things going on in politics. I've got a lot of things going on at home a lot. Yeah let's talk music. First kilo wichita going on for music. Give me though with the math. I swear so kilo. I've added you to my my list. I have a list of madison. That i call hoarders because y'all make all this music and then hoard it. You do not drop it. Because i don't know why but you've been added to my horror list just so you know i don't want to be like oh cool you know i get it but No i don't. I don't think he's horton. You know. I had to drop anything for a while. I is is a method to this mechanism. You feel me. And i feel like you know it's always you know you gotta have a plan to do some things you know especially in madison. Y- like you really gotta plan you know when you when you educate yourself and get the wisdom elevate yes so like i mean have you heard one meteo yeah I've seen his lives. Okay he okay right to order lists. Yeah every single time he goes live. I get on his back legs. I get it. I think i did a lot of features this year and twenty twenty to be honest with you. Okay so like i'm i'll know. Twenty twenty was different. So you know like stop starting off rocky was just crazy. James coup february had three shows. You know and left. I personal issues. You know my grandma pass and you come back to kobe covert. I'm so so. It's like i don't i don't know but what can you do. You know so. It's like i knew as planning. I was gonna go get in the studio record. Beal you know the catalog do some videos or tried to. It's time the drought. I'm telling you these people are just sitting around but you got you. This was you forget him. I'm artist so even though certain artists taga for and you know like a business owner so like you you you see me that you don't see me as an artist form. I guess wrapping in shows but is there but at the same. Time performed at marshall's a couple times. The like you say me but you you know i guess you wanna control. I see the only time. I hear your music. Oh i get it but like home process that is saying i know i'm gonna tell you going. Here are some new. That like a part of this on my dad over twenty twenty as far as the feature or do you wanna say Who'd you do a feature for. I do a feature for in two thousand twenty a lot of okay. So i did one with. Kp fits the hometown Body but he's actually like a country singer but he's in los angeles california so oh also they one with Impe markets puerto at fourteen. Forty shots eilat arrangement Also idea well with ky. dj and Like i it's i don't a lot of according to have heard of that one. You actually say no but like go. Go by these like me on facebook. But he's k. I d like he's more behind-the-scenes okay. that sounds like i. Just i don't know i just you can't just put it out. You know it but in you gotta have a mechanism but the fact that you you know. I'm on that list. Because you know i look at least a good thing. I mean it means that. I pay because you look exactly and you look like hoarding so it was like. Oh yes right we can't you for you is is all good yes. I'm just trying to get some more light that you've been. I'm definitely checking for you. Because i mean it's a lot of shows ours. I swear but madison were. We're just dry right now. Which is a but anywhere outside of madison. We're cool appleton parties. There's no capacity all kinds of stuff. But it's matt milwaukee still busted okay below. Got to think about some things. But it's only the city of madison like you could literally go to sun prairie in the bars. Are we talk about a community. This is where you can go to terry and it's open but it's not open your madison. I is but that's all it was bussing other night. We've been going there late leave. I'll tell you what is shot to miss her new money. Clever visa can't go madison. If you don't know what club meets your rules. i know. No swearing. That's it just okay. We'll we'll bleep it out leap. I just playing not edited. So i mean what what i want. I may have like all the different if you're going on like a oh shout club. Msci msci we were just talking about you see. I'm glad i'm in. The middle of the guess is supposed to be the ones on the camera right. So that's the problem. You knows ladies night there. This thing is in the way. Now you see. Don't worry about it..

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