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Have found the tide of Don showing. You could jump in any time at 51283605 1920 21 up in here. So Dr Anthony Fauci, he says the United States needs to go faster with people getting this covert 19 vaccine. More than 4.2 Million people have been given their first dose of Copan 19 vaccines so far, but Health experts. They say that we need to pick up the pace. Yeah, Part of the problem is that people are not coming back to get their second knows. Well, that is that is an issue. But I just heard that Israel, for example, already half of their population, has it. Dr. Fauci, He's the director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Disease. He said Just yesterday that no excuses we're not where we want. We're not where we want to be. But hopefully we can pick up the moment. Um and get more people vaccinated. Yeah, the chief advisor for Operation Warps. Reed said. 17.5 million doses have been shipped all across the United States, so it's now up to local officials and well and people in general to get in line. That's part of the problem right there. There's there's a significant portion of people that are hesitant to even get in line in the first place. It is 5 50 here on the tide of Don show. And you've always had to have a passport to travel internationally. But what about, you know, one that affirms that you've received the Corona virus vaccine smartphone app, sir, being developed as a way to prove you've got the shot and Texas A man professor Vicky Shank are says they will be a key part of easing covered concerns and getting the economy restarted because they travel on public places. Like restaurants, All those places where you need the economy to back normal state of things, he says. One of these APS will eventually went out to be accepted by everybody. But until that happens, there will be confusion about which covet drugs will be listed as acceptable. And by whom. In San Antonio, Michael Board, T s and news. So there you go by now. Listen, just days after we literally just hours after winning the Alamo Bowl three University of Texas they fired coach Tom Herman. Yes, they did to be Honest, I thought would happen weeks ago. Well that But and this is after on pretty much on the heels of them saying No, He's our coach. He's still our coach for the next year. Well, as you know, these things can change very quickly behind closed doors Did. The University of Texas has made it official hiring Alabama offensive coordinator Steve Starkey Zeon? As the Longhorns new football coach That comes just hours after they fired Tom Herman. After four seasons, Sarkeesian will stay with Alabama until after the tide plays in the college football National championship game against Ohio State. Texas athletic director Crystal Content released a statement calling Sark easy in one of the top offensive minds in the game. Prior to Alabama Sarkies. Ian was offensive coordinator for the NFL's Atlanta Falcons. And prior to that, Head football coach in Washington and Southern Cal. Russell Scott TSN nears. All right. There you go, man. That's a big change yet. Is that some pedigree too? I mean, it is like you talk about head snapping, and you know this. This this new name? This is a new name. This is not a nationally known name that we're gonna be getting, but he does have a good track record. Certainly he's coming from a winning school with winning program. Show. I think it's something to be excited about it. I wasn't gonna bring up. You know his his his his personal life, but he did he did. He brought it up during that press conference over the weekend about, you know, fighting alcoholism and getting into rehab and being at the bottom and, you know, making some good steps and yeah, back and turning his life around Which it looks like he has just let go from was a U C. L A because he allegedly showed up drunk one day for work. So that was Donna interesting, but it sounds like he is He's fixed it, so I wasn't gonna let's just look forward. I wasn't gonna bring it up this morning. But he's the one that brought it up during that press count well, and that's good, because he he should not. He doesn't need to address that, because that would be of some concern. No doubt that that would be repeated. Sounds to me like it's something in the past. Well, I hope so. It is 5 53, a mix of rebooted classics and electrifying new models are coming this year. It's Fox. We've coming in 2021, the new Ford Bronco GMC Hummer Electric and Jeeps first three Row SUV in a decade with the All new Jeep Grand Wagoneer that's set to arrive midyear, starting at.

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