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Welcome to night owl. Sound studio presents mysteries and thrillers. Now the joanna bright dungeness bay cozy murder mystery series continues the storm front chapter forty four and chapter forty three. Joanna had laid down her plan for her most trusted friends that embarrassed herself in front of her closest friend terry chambers and that's where chapter forty four picks up. Joanna made her way to the bathroom to regain her composure. Embarrassed not knowing what to say. She was relieved. That terry wasn't waiting in the kitchen and followed closely by rusty descended. The steps stopping in the middle terry was leaning on the front. This austin healey. Just like the one she and casey ad when she crossed the gravel law. He opened the door. Your taxi awaits. She looked rusty. Who is waiting for a command. It's all right. Terry said the dog rides for free then pulled passenger seat for come on boy. Rusty didn't move kellyanne. You're invited getting joanna. Said rusty bounded in lay down. Joanna climbed in nineteen sixty. Three terry started the engine. Good i how do you know when i lived in carmel. I had a healy. Just like this except it was blue. Where in the world he cut her off. I know where did the owner of a bar and grill. A tiny town like dungeness bay. Get the wherewithal for a classic austin. Healey remember the other day when you dropped in for chile our conversation. Yes you mentioned qualified for world games in judo but not making the olympics. Yeah i had sponsors for about six years of training and qualifying. When i didn't make the grade for the big show things kind of dried up but not before i pocketed a bundling acquired the austin healey or sitting in terry them so embarrassed about my little breakdown. We'll give it a second thought. I cried like a baby. When i didn't qualify for the olympics and i got my shit together went back to school. Got an mba moved portland's culinary college finally took up residence here dungeness bay of all places about the bar. Well that's where. I make chili to die for now. We're to the chocolate factory. Lisa posey said. I could use her shop to make chinese five spice chocolate truffles from there. That you're invited of course to gossip fest the outpouring where it will probably catch lunch. I have a better idea. Terry said i drop you off at the chocolate factory. I'm no good at gossip..

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