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Yeah. He is a beautiful passer. Are they everybody agrees with that? And he knows how to look off guys and let it go. He's got a quick release. And he seems pretty doggone smart back there. Also, they're big games are coming out tell everybody, you know, season. We're just one game over halfway or so and everything's to be determined. You know, who's gonna win divisions is gonna win SEC's, and and so forth. So at the halfway or look past halfway point. There's a lot of teams out there. But certainly I'll abandon looks like by far the best. But they got some big games coming. So I'm sure hell s you look forward to that one. What next week I guess would Bama on the LSU game coach big conversation this week about Devon white missing the first half. There have been call out. Call after call from LSU fans, not happy about the officiating. Some even claiming bias in the SEC office. Bring up the. LSU Florida robbery, which many have brought up can you? Can you help us understand because you coach the coach against LSU? Of course, they had the coach against you too. But was there ever a moved to change that once we went to division play? Florida LSU game. Yes, go. Yeah. Jila leva talked about it. And you know, I really sorta made sense rotate around the other division when they first did it we had all been and LSU at Florida to you know, to really pretty good rival teams. Heck when I played the sixties we've played both those guys every year, so sort of natural I guess to keep playing them. But now, we don't play Auburn at all think whatever ten years or something like that. But yeah, Gela livas said, hey, you know, how do we plan Florida every year? We ought to be playing Vanderbilt, you know, how come missive state just play Vanderbilt every year. We don't get to have had a point and sometimes life in fair. But I think that's just the way it is right now..

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