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Jake i talked to the white house official just a short time ago and they do feel confident of those votes in the house like you mentioned they do believe that the freedom caucus members will be on board it'll take one call from the president to get them on board they believe but it is a concern among the senators in the house democratic senators in the house mark short the legislative director here at the white house a told me earlier that they simply do not know if they have those ten votes but jake after a day of all of this one thing here is clear the president and the white house or at the very centre of this confusion and fingerpointing over one of the most basic functions of government that's keeping it open on the eve of the potential government shutdown president trump trying to place blame on democrats i really believe the democrats wanted to shut down to get off the subject of the tax cuts because it works so well never mind that republicans are in charge at the white house and on capitol hill but at times today it was difficult to tell as the president openly contradicted the gop strategy to fund the government passed a friday deadline president sparking confusion when he said the children's health insurance or chip should be part of a longterm solution not a thirty day or shortterm extension but that's exactly what republican leaders are trying to do hoping to persuade democrats to vote for the spending bill by including money for the children's health program for six more years flat sweetener left house democratic leader nancy pelosi sour and unusually colorful this is like giving you.

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