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The defense isn't quite as dominant, but the stats show otherwise, yeah, they've been destroying opponents and giving a fewer points and fewer yards this season than they did last season with all these quote-unquote Talent. It was a lot of talent don't get me wrong, but they've plugged and played these new guys in there and they're showing up to play and they are absolutely ready. For Primetime. I have no questions of Defense. Yeah. That's what I remember. We were going to the game and you're you're telling me like FSU can put up some points. I was looking at their scores and like they have and we get out there and watch the game and like they look like a high school office out there. Like they just couldn't move the ball at all. Like they had no chance throughout the game and they just got destroyed it was they looked terrible. It was now it's all because of Clemson absolutely. Absolutely. They were home. It was an ugly ugly game for the Florida state offense and they only finished with 253 yards which sounds better than it really was because second half. Yeah more than half of those yards came. Fourth-quarter because I remember looking up over at the during a commercial break looking at the Jumbotron the gym botron know and Florida State had fewer than a hundred yards in the third quarter. Are you kidding me? Yeah, it was it was a Beatdown beautiful. And of course in the fourth quarter Clemson gave up a couple of big plays their second third and fourth fifth and sixth eighth string players gave up some big plays. But again overall there's you can't say enough good things about this defense. They only gave up 10 first downs Florida state was 2013 on third down and I guess it really the only negative I have here is that Tanner Muse is terrible at celebrating. I got terrible dancers don't even know how long I remember during the game watch them. Like what just happened and watching on T after like what? Yeah, I get I was still like what just happened. I'm not exactly an expert on the history of dance or modern dance club. But is that a dance? I don't know what he was doing go back and watch the game. He was just like stomping on the ground oddly. Actually then later in the game. They showed a kicker who the backup trigger. I forget his name and it must be some kind of team celebration or something that we don't know about but it looked kind of fun. That's for sure. But it was just a bad overall day for Clemson dance package is and I guess that's a good segue into my final point my final take away and you've been making fun of me for a couple of weeks now but BT Potter man..

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