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Price off on everything on a terrific catalogue at mypillowcom it is disagreement day keeps than some tweets that i want to get to as well andrew you're on the medved show perry microprojects yaoman are no i got i got very kind of pure things that right the first of arming barker president being a ray i don't know what the proper award for oregon part of a mostly white crowd in alabama quite that aggregrate violent racial history i heard bombing finger that nature and calling mercury black football players after if it's not right what is that and widen thank you guys were taken anything that don't have a reason could revert only yeah i think they don't have a reason to be taking in the i think they don't have our and this is something dr king understood you know martin luther king used the amount eric and flag and reveres the american flag and praised the founding fathers yes including the slaveowners and took the position that the great black poet langston hughes wrote about in the 1930s led america be america again calling america to its highest ideals but you don't do that by disrespecting the american nation and its symbols and in terms of what do you call president trump for calling people less obeys you call improved unpresidential inappropriate stupid all those things but the ideas it's not just black players who were taking knees and there are white players and there were white owners who are doing it too and do i think that the president spoke well on this no i don't think he spoke well at all but the idea that that he is a racist because he called somebody s o bs look uh there are racist terms that are used and there are people who use those terms on the left and on the right and there i think when you're talking balance the racism charge that suchate eight poisonous charge right now and there are real racists among us we saw some of them in charlottesville uh and do i think that the president was foolish not to denounce some of those racists more forcefully i do that i think he has a problem on this issue i do but to say that the president is a racist is this a wildly overstating some of this foolishness.

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