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Like he's going in the fourteenth round, you may not even want him. You don't know, Kenyan, Drake, got Frank gore, Campbell, JR. I liked him coming out of Arizona state and you know, I don't know if he's more of a just a slightly above average talents. I don't know if he's got real true NFL talent, but it seems that from last year with Adam gates that they didn't really give the ball all the way to Kenyan Drake in terms of being full workhorse until the traded JJ. And then Damien Williams went down with an injury de. Then Kenyan Drake, full workload. So I'm a little odd Kenyan Drake on a different side note for that reason, but killing Balaj killing Balaj is gonna probably have to share the ball. He probably don't wanna draft because the upside and holding onto, I'm just gonna take to long, but I do like him as a player, someone to keep an eye on and maybe last pick and you gotta deep league. He might be worth it pick. Yeah, and Miami was one of the worst rushing teams last year and what eleven teams with that average under four yards a carry last in the NFL rushing touchdowns with only four, rushing touchdowns and fourth in the end or fourth, fourth worse than the NFL and overall rushing yards. This is one of the worst rushing teams they bring and Frank gore and we talked about joining Wilkins in Indy any any Indianapolis fan or any in the Annapolis. Any fantasy owner that owned Marla MAC, the past few years realizes how annoying Frank gore and how big of a drain Frank work and be on everybody else around him. So I'm staying away from Caleb wash. To wide receivers that we have in this category for getting it. The right value is DJ more Kelvin. Ridley no surprise the first rounders in the NFL draft. Both looking at pretty promising roles on the offense. Probably from the slot position that probably definitely more on the PR side of things. But of course being rookies, I think they're going around round ten right now. I think one is worth grabbing, you know, do you have a preference over one? Do you like whether going going right now we're, what are you trying to target? Maybe one of these rookie wide receivers. I think like DJ more a little bit more as a slot receiver being able to play and making impact immediately. Calvin Calvin really though, I mean both these guys fit our Ben strategy perfectly because they are both players that you know seemly maybe not week one, but with rookie wide receivers as your goes on their players that you can start, even if Julio Jones is healthy and Devin funchess's healthy right there, players that you can start if you had to. And then if anything did happen to a Devin funchess or a Christian McCaffrey and Carolina, those are running back and get a lot of catches or Julio Jones. Muhammed's new Calverley could be start with Matt Ryan that offense so players that especially in the tenth round, you're not investing a high round, pick their players that have a lot of side because where they were drafted in real life because they're rookies because the offense is there in and their players that have you had to. You could start right away. Could be role players for you. So I like them as good bench. Good benched players to start the. With the hope that they're going to break out and have those bigger seasons that we've seen other receivers have in previous years, like l. back. Etc. Yeah, I don't mind getting them in the tenth round. So I think where current ADP is, I think it's pretty good value. I'm definitely more tepid in terms of high upside. Because they are slot receivers. I don't see them really getting a lot of touchdowns, but that being said they should be on the field week one..

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