President Biden, Senator Rick Scott, South Florida discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


The turnpike South bound on the ramp from the Shula that on ramp is closed. Also on the turn. Like roadwork North found at Okeechobee Road blocking your right lane. I'm Ricky Riso news radio. 6 10 w Y o D getting colder again here by the end of the week, But one more warm day on Wednesday. First, a few clouds around tonight alone the upper sixties something clowns with a high of 85 on Wednesday. There's the early clouds the afternoon sun Gusty north breezes cooler highs in the low to mid seventies with updates around the clock on South Florida's severe weather station on the Weather Channel's Mark Thibodeau, a news radio 6 10 W. Y. O D governor dissenters says the state's partnership with Publix to distribute the covert 19 vaccine is expanding further north along the East Coast. We're happy to be able to announce that we're expanding to include eight public's pharmacies in Indian River County. 11 public's pharmacies and ST Lucie County, a bill that would grant businesses, schools and churches immunity from Corona virus related lawsuits is advancing in the Florida Legislature. The state Senate Judiciary Committee passed the measure 7 to 4 along party lines. Senator Rick Scott supports one of President Biden's latest actions Monday, Biden signed an executive order directing the government to buy goods and services from companies that will help American businesses. Scott says This is similar to resolution. He proposed last year, and the Florida Republican says he's glad to see President Biden joined him in acting to put Americans first more guns than ever are turning up at the nation's airports and two airports in Florida make the top 10 Say officers detected twice as many firearms per million passengers screamed at airport security checkpoints nationwide in 2020 compared to the year before, and.

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