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Bunch of 55 degree temperatures out there. Carmichael, 55, Modesto and back Bill. Also it 55 degrees, as is wholesome 55 degrees. I'm a break, you know, sitting in for Kitty O'Neil on the kfbk Afternoon news, and we continue now with a check in your money. Here's the Bloomberg Business desk. This is a Bloomberg money minute. While the pandemic is forced massive layoffs in many industries, the construction business continues to have more jobs available than it has people to fill them. Brian Turmail, Associated General Contractors of America says it's an image problem. We've convinced ourselves that everyone needs to go to college. We for gotten that there are many career opportunities in this country that pay very well but don't necessarily have to take place inside of an office building was skilled workers in short supply. Many companies have established their own training programs. Primary looking for people who are willing tol show up on time every day, who could pass a drug test, willing to work hard and willing to learn a new skill. With your skills not often associated with construction. We've seen a massive increase in the amount of drone use robotic. So now we're using robots and drones to inspect work instead of having someone go in there and put more people in a tight space or mail says the trade group is planning a nationwide recruiting campaign this spring. Larry Kowski Bloomberg Radio. More details are coming out about Bruce Springsteen's arrest for D Wi back in November. That was in New Jersey, court documents show. Springsteen told Park Rangers. He had done two shots in the previous 20 minutes, but wouldn't take a Breathalyzer test. It happened at Gateway National Recreation Area. Arresting officer says he saw Springsteen take a shot of tequila and then get on his motorcycle. No comment yet from Springsteen on his D w I Okay. Take cat Apocalypse. Beyonce's atthe Leisure brand Ivy Park is.

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