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FM from the sentiments traffic center I'm Karen Stewart with the supplyhouse dot com found highway patrol we've got an accident in the Bronx on the cross Bronx west approaching the Henry Hudson parkway right by the outbound GW bridge delays there go back to grand concourse now the inbound George is a very heavy ride right across the span into the Alexander Hamilton bridge and then we look great on the cross Bronx east no issues the Deegan is quiet let's hope we can keep it that way and over in the south bound brook here there's roadwork by the R. K. and traffic delays go back a couple of blocks there we are bumper to bumper on the south on Harlem river drive from the one thirties down past the archangel one twenties the inbound side of the link it is going to slow traffic delayed about ten fifteen minutes and in queens was found alive he is now very heavy for that which would have a bowl of art and that is an improvement the delay there is shorter than it was altered its on street parking remains suspended and traffic is sponsored by DuckDuckGo tied to being tracked online DuckDuckGo can help they help millions of people like you take control of their personal information online with one download you can search or browse privately avoiding trackers all for free DuckDuckGo privacy simplified I'm Karen Stewart with the supplyhouse dot com fan highway patrol sports seasons may be on hold right now it's totally normal to be constipated with belly pain straining imploding again and again No Way maybe it's occasional constipation maybe it's not you could have a chronic condition called irritable bowel syndrome with constipation or IBS.

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