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And play every day that we're open about that, you do know something about that. And then one of the other important things Kyle is that his Lara mention not everybody knows that marbles is a nonprofit everybody also doesn't know that relative to the to the exhibit and the play experience that we offer at marbles compared to other museums children's museums around the country, we really focus on affordability inclusion and access and so the general admission goes to a reduced rate of. Of three dollars only three dollars a person after three P on every Thursday were open extended hours until seven o'clock with a great partnership that we have with terminates. So thanks to the support of terminates. We're able to offer reduced emission of three dollars after three pm on every Thursday. And on first Fridays. We've talked about a lot of changes happening inside the museum. There's another big change though, pretty much your your front yard right outside. The museum. More square is going to open up the whole park. What's second of mean for you? Well, we've had a bird's eye view from our second floor levels of the construction happening more square park, and it is going to transform our neighborhood. So we are really excited for the park to reopen this summer, and I think until the fencing comes down altogether. None of us are able to anticipate the impact that it's going to have on our neighborhood on downtown on the almost seven hundred thousand people who come to play at marbles every year. It's it's going to be a really exciting asset. That's gonna help round out. What we offer. I wanted to give congratulations to both of you. The annual ranking list came out. Carolina publishing comes out with their the ranking of tourist attractions in the state and marbles did very well this year number six on the list. Yes, we've been holding steady at number six, which is because we have a lot of people coming in enjoying the play experiences in the movies that we offer at marvel. So in twelve years Marvel's has become one of the most visited attractions in the state of North Carolina. The community our community around the state around the country. We have people every year from all one hundred counties in North Carolina all fifty states countless foreign countries coming tomorrow to play to watch movies on the giant screen, and we are thrilled to welcome them. One at all Sally Edwards and Laura done here on behalf of marbles. Thank you both for coming in being a part of around the triangle. Thank you for having us. What a great opportunity..

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