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For headlines with rick or excuse me now rick worthington it's j how will in for rick worthington thanks chris nuclear worries were a big story in 2017 with a look back here's steve kastenbaum 2017 the year in review nuclear tension three weeks after donald trump was sworn in north korea tested the new administration by firing a mediumrange missile as the president was meeting with japan's prime minister the united states of america stands behind japan many provocations followed including at least three tests of intercontinental ballistic missiles prompting trump to warn that the us would totally destroy north korea if forced to rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself secretary of state tillerson later told the un security council that the door to negotiations was still open they know where to walk through that door when they want to talk the president also took aim at iran this year deciding not to certify the nuclear deal brokered by the obama administration i'm tired of being taken advantage of as a nation the move came despite us allies claiming that iran was in compliance with the agreement i'm steve kastenbaum how do you keep a secret in hollywood it was crucial and pulling off a recent casting coup or rather a recasting coup correspondent david daniel tell us tells us more in the hollywood minute i have never been more vulnerable financially than i am run by now it's almost legend how all the money in the world director ridley scott cast christopher plummer as a lastminute replay smit forced scandalplagued kevin spacey but how did he pull it off in secrecy as screenwriter david scarpa told the hollywood reporter when a call goes out to the casting agencies ridley scott is looking for an actor to play a ninety yearold guy pretty much everybody knows what movie that is scarpa says it was wonderwoman to the rescue or rather wonderwoman director patty jenkins who put out the casting call under the guise of a role in a tv series she's developing the wru's worked really got history shoots and scott plumber and costar michelle williams all got golden globe nominations jessica chastain is drawing criticism for a recent photo shoot and she's one of the critics los angeles times photo was slammed for featuring only white actresses on twitter chastain agreed calling it a sad look that there's no.

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