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I knew it all these things were and so I- analyzed the prospects that if they were put up on big satellites, and space. They could shine down and shoot ascending missiles from the Soviet Union attacking the United States if nuclear war should break out. And that would obviously be a good thing. If you could do it, but you couldn't do it, and in years later, forty years later when I was secretary defense, Ben, we still don't know how to do it. You know we we do have missile defenses, but they're not based on lasers. They're based on rockets that go up and mash into other rocket. And they are, they are affective, but not against a huge threat like the Soviet Union. Mos. During during the Cold War. So we still don't know how to do that. So all I said, was this eight this isn't going to work, and it was. And the reason it was significant was that it was, my, it was the first scientifically informed analysis based on full access to classified information of President Reagan's idea. And so it got a lot of notoriety, and as things happen in our world, even then. You. You are contending with something the president the United States did, and that means that the munchkins around him, try to come after you and take revenge. And that was scary for me. Because I was naive scientist I had no, I would not intending to get involved. In anything political, I was just from my point of view telling the truth. And so it was a lesson in, in the political big leagues. And that frightened me initially, and I thought, well K that's the end of my career, I blundered in something, but it ended up teaching me the opposite lesson Ben, and here's something that's probably useful to remember today, but there are a lot of people, including friends of President Reagan, and supporters of the Reagan administration who stood up for me, and they simply said, this guy is a scientist. He was doing his job. He was answering the question he was asked. To do. Everybody layoff them. And they said he did a responsible job. He did a knowledgeable job. And that's the kind of people we wanna have working on national defense. And in this case, he happened to arrive at a conclusion that was inconvenient for the president. But that's the kind of information and analysis, we need to have to have the best defense on earth. So the thing started off scary and actually discouraging me, but it went full circle, and it came around, and I said to myself through various people sticking up for me. I said, no, this is really very principle country. A lot of decent people contributing to defense. And when you hear these debates they're not debates to the death, there, debates among honorable people around the truth. And I only say that net and not in a partisan way and I only say that now because. In some ways that seems like a bygone era from from today's right? You and you've served under several presidents, finally ending with President Obama. Who do you think had the best grasp of how the department of defense works best and how best to utilize it? Well on day one as he walked into office, I would say, President Bush one. He had fought in World War Two. He had been in the government that is in the administration of President Reagan for the preceding period of time. So search surely on day one he was the most knowledgeable. But, you know, people learn really fast, I can't speak about President Trump because I didn't serve under him in the book, my book mentions and very few times, accordingly. Right. And I can't imagine he had much knowledge it certainly doesn't look like that. Don't see where he would have gotten it. But, but every president that I worked and get him star goes from Reagan right through bomb. They were hard workers and fast learners. So let's take Obama, I wasn't his secretary defense in his early days, but he came in he, he had never been in the federal government before. So did he know where all the villages in Syria were did? He know what it f thirty five was the difference between thirty five and an F eighteen..

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