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Of the store seizing seven right-foot Nike air Jordans and sweatshirt printed with call my lawyer the stores operator says he typically keeps right shoes on display while their other halves rest behind the counter a warrant says police had found a cash register behind the store along with a backpack containing merchandise worth five thousand dollars and the suspects ID court records show the man's charged with grand larceny. Destruction of property and other counts despite the sweatshirts instructions it's unclear whether he has a lawyer. The president says the Saudi explanation of a journalist death is credible. I'm Jacky Quin with an AP news minute Saudi Arabia's confirmed Washington Post columnist Jamal cash. Go gee was killed at the consulate in Turkey saying that he died in a brawl with a group of agents. Several members of congress are casting doubt on that account. But President Trump says it's early will he impose sanctions on the kingdom vinaigre ally in the Middle East. We need them as a counterbalance to Iran and that simple solution. The president is threatening to use the US military to close the border with Mexico. If a thirties there can't hold back a caravan of hundred migrants, the department of homeland security says a Russian woman is being charged with meddling online to influence, the midterm elections. And a computer system that interacts with the healthcare dot gov website has been hacked users personal information could be compromised. I'm Jackie Quinn. More news right after this. Is Ron Don. Somebody who's. Jan..

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