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Right on sense with stories what who did what now what are you talking about it's same thing kinda would you like to know what so it came down here with the intention of reaching people in every single continent like they like to pay attention to what the tractive right but based on where you are geographically certain things are attractive in certain things are unattractive silla really beautiful woman down in africa might come up here to us and be considered pretty ugly down there wise we up where we have you seen the continent of africa on map down there no well and her minds there is four came here it's not like my looks are still gorgeous to one demographic over another demographic that there will not be a person on the planet regardless of what country you go to the does not perceive some level of attractiveness dust they'll pay attention she basically attractive to any to everyone on earth okay i i didn't wanna devote the mental energy to figuring out what horsh shit she's talking about she said that she tuned out halfway through it i was like i don't i attracted to earth to some degree that is what this person just said about themselves cool i'm attracted to every bad she's not eighteen to twenty six we could set her up with a thousand dollar state guy they seem couple of delusional the very least thousand dollars hey that's money in my pocket but she might not be under twenty six now she's too old for big joe shoes you'd better thirty two fucking old one foot in the grave a soul fork.

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