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We did we miss you so much Sam SAM's favorite. Matt Damon movie is all the clumsy horses. Can you take a point away from him? Can you arbitrary remove points? That's an amazing. You guys are all. At the end of round three. Are the interrupt you? I'm sorry. Heading into round three. The score is Nick Zerwas six points. Sam six points dead heat between the two of you going into the final round and Brian not too far behind a lot of points to be made up here. Three points. You are still absolutely in this game. You're like the Vikings going into the fourth quarter last night this but the Vikings lost this games culturally. Biased. You know, I every time is lost. Now. It's been really really close close game. I design I designed to be such additive very competitive. This is headline round. Literally just a song about you. Yeah. And you got a bonus point out of it too. So. The headline around John, and I will read headlines we will leave out. Some key words or words or word or word or words. I meant to say or several words all we're gonna leave out. All the words, you tell us what the headline is that we're thinking of. Line. Number one. Yeah. Yeah. Minneapolis city council approves site too. I heard Nick, I I how are you? I thought I heard Bryan Bryan, Bryan. Ladies. Your headline. So you are the final arbiter. All right. I'm going Brian. Okay. Was a tent city. You kill.

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