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48 48 university painters dot com. Traffic and weather on the aide stayed till time with a tough day and the W T Open traffic. Seven. It's a tough day on the Beltway in Montgomery County. For about an hour and a half. It's been a big crash involving a tractor trailer pickup truck on the out. Loop between New Hampshire Avenue in University Boulevard, and it's been only one left laying. Getting by. This has led to major delays on the outer loop and back up south bound on 95 to go west on for 95 again. Just one left lane is all that's getting by beyond New Hampshire Avenue North West Branch on the early the Robert acting is significant between 2 70 in the crash scene at Northwest Branch in that slow traffic, at least one truck stopped in the right lane. Hopefully moving on. I'm moving out of the way soon. In the meantime, work around traffic delays or building south bound on Coolsville road toward four corners on New Hampshire Avenue through white oak and on north on New Hampshire Avenue north of white Oak. There was a separate crash at Hollywood Avenue. Only one right lane was getting by there. 2 70, though uneventful, north and south bound with brief, If any delays in your way between Rock Hill and Frederick for Washington north bound to 10 near the northern Old Fort Road intersection. The crash would be clear. No issues at the Wilson Bridge with Southside the Beltway. It's a good Run east and westbound through Alexandria and no issues at the Legion Bridge, either 66 West, though still heavy and slow from Centerville toward Manassas, the remains of a crash after the rest area along the far right side battlefield bail out on 29 toward 2 30 for as well 95 south volume delays from Lord Across the Occoquan River. Nothing blocked, though. As far south as Fredericksburg, American military universities, freedom Grant is now available from members of the U. S. Armed forces pursuing undergraduate masters degrees. Find out more Am you freedom? Grant dot com Dave Gold. I w t o p traffic, So we get another chance for thunderstorms. After a little bit of a break. Matt Ritter Yeah, By this time tomorrow we'll start to see some storms moving over the area. Hillary lots of clouds.

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