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This lot more exciting to many people to do that, and there's no solution out there that you can really go out and buy. So does a line. Well, however. It is. It's a, it's an interesting. Diversion if you will away from that, that lunar Lander. It's a in terms of the pie there and because of investment opportunities and other other options that are out there in space, we've chosen to break it off as a as a subsidiary if you will from this. So it really comes down to the investment opportunities and aligning. Well, we'd love to continue doing it. We, we are still continuing to do it through this NASA contract and a lot of work. But I think it'll make sense because of the differences between what we do in the lunar Lander side and what we do on the research and development side here, it s robotic I think in to segue into Andy's common end show you're probably gonna jump into this about what is different about the q. Grover, but we really pride ourselves on how we've developed this and that it's really lightweight. It's two kilograms, which ultimately equates to really low cost in sending it to the surface. They're reliable. As Andy kind of mentioned, we have heritage space, Sarah chair at Carnegie Mellon University. I'd asked her botic and buildings based technology, which is absolutely been integrated into our Rover design, and they're scalable and modular, which means that they can be a justed so they can soar they can. They can hold different instruments on board. They could do a lot of different science missions or exploration missions. So between all those things, we like to think that we're very different from what the market currently provides, and that were order made into less than what it would cost. If you look at Sojourner which has a little bit different costs because that was sent Tamar Mars, but you're looking at seventy five million dollar mission, twenty five million dollars just for the Rover, where fraction of that. We're talking less than less than five million dollars to high the Rover and to send it to the moon. The other reason to go to separate entity company as we see Cuba ever as a product line, it's not a one off. The were building. We hope at this point we. You have to develop this first version and prove it what we want our own customers for this product and to actually build it into something that can scale larger cube with different in greater capabilities. And that's just yet another reason to to really turn into a separate separate company focused on this technology. So does that mean that you know you are Lander agnostic to assent to like maybe the initial projects will be Astra? Botic Landers. But it does give you some flexibility into the future. Yeah. So one of the strengths of Cuba over is that it is Lander at nasty, but it's been Bill configured to ask robotics, paragon lender. And obviously a lot of the missions are going to be supported, at least in the near term Astronautic is going to be launching, and we're going to be launching with them. If there's a time line that a customer needs meet or their specific instrumentation needs that need to be met on a different Lander than the benefit of tuber is that it can be land. Right, NAS tick. And would this be a situation where you build an operate these, or are you building and supplying them to customers to operate on their own. The interesting part here in it's part of why we think that the cube rivers are interesting to customers is that they would operate them. They're, they're telling operated by the customer, and that has a lot of benefits for for many reasons. Customer access to their own data also increases stem education in their community awareness. The more people you can have involved with this experience or you can share this. And as we've seen with countries that we've talked to and promote space education, that's a that's a critical factor that a lot of these countries are hoping to include now is these Rovers. I mean, imagine driving a Rover here on earth that eventually going to go to the moon and a kid being able to say that they did that is a really powerful statement. The name cube Rover comes from or inspired by the cube set world. And in that in that in that world of people design and build their own cubesats, and then they fly..

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