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He was escorted out of a Trump press conference. He claims to speak for the illegal aliens while he was born in Mexico, but he's been a US citizen for twenty years. He's called President Trump all sorts of names dictator the least of them. He's talked about Trump as using his powers wrongly. He's talked about Trump as if he was Hitler. That's what the left does. Well, he got a little taste of what he's been talking about. And not from Donald Trump. Hohaia Rama's went down to introduce to interview the leader of Venezuela. As you know, there is a revolution going on in Venezuela mother. Oh, the socialist dictator there. As Roma's mother. Oh, by the way, they were sending aid in across a bridge from Columbia, the Venezuelan people are literally when people use literally they don't usually mean, literally. You will hear people say. It's literally raining cats dogs, if it's literally raining cats and dogs you walk outside with a net, and you have some cats and dogs in your net. That's what literally means. I'm literally starving. If you're literally starving that means if I step back and wet a little bit. You're going to die. Hayes literally Hitler that's impossible Hitler's been dead for many years. You think he's been dead? I'd argue probably about seventy four seventy five. But even if you think he survived probably seventy five years later, plus the you was at that time probably didn't make it that long. And if you wanna really funny bit on that imagine Hitler being funny. That's the point of his bit Bill Burr. Listen to Bill Burs Netflix special. No, you shouldn't be able to laugh about Hitler. But that's his whole point. Is that comedy should make you laugh about things that make you uncomfortable? Jose Ramos headed down to Venezuela. They were in Caracas. They were there to interview nNcholas mother widow, and they showed him footage. Of the Venezuelan version modern version of a food truck people eating out of the back of a garbage truck folks, I've been to some very poor countries. There's plenty of wealth in India. But there are parts of India where people are as poor as you'll find. I've been to parts of Africa where you see hunger result in a distended belly. It's one of the most painful things to watch is to realize that a child doesn't have a swollen belly from eating too much. But from the extreme effects of eating too little. Parts of this world outside the United States where this is commonplace. It's painful, it's awful. Venezuela was never expected to be a country that would suffer this way. Venezuela is a once proud very wealthy country. It was the gym of South America. Their oil reserves led them to develop other industries. Good, universities, good, education, fine, culture, tourism, fashion, literature. Venezuela was a beacon in South America. Socialism crippled that country a tyrannical dictator. Name Hugo Chavez, and now his successor nNcholas mother. Although the people there have those that can have fled those that have remained or wailing in the streets. There are angry and the reason for revolution in a once peaceful country by a very peaceful people is at some point you have nothing left to lose. When your mother dies in your father dies and nothing's about to change. Yeah. You're going to take to the streets and throw rocks at armed guards and tanks, which is what they've been doing. So they show mother. Oh, this video footage of the Venezuelan people reduced to eating food out of the back of a garbage truck. Was not happy. So he called in his goons and he detained the crew including hor. Hey ramos. The six person team was held for more than two hours in the mid of Flores palace after modo said he didn't like the questions they asked him. Ramos told reporters after arriving back at his Caracas hotel, which was surrounded by armed intelligence agents. Now, this is a guy who claimed that Trump was out to get him and Trump treated him unfairly. This is a man of the left. He goes down to Venezuela and shows him what we can only assume I I'm not assuming I'm not suggesting that Horam made this footage up. He didn't hire actors to eat food out of the back of a dump truck because they pretending to be hungry. Smearing. Chimney soot on them to look poor and bedraggled now, he just revealed to the president to the dictator what's going on in your country and asked him questions about it. See this is the weird world where I have to defend or at least explain or hey Ramos who I despise. I think he's a clown. Well, Ramos was detained and kicked out of the country. As was his film crew for the crime. If you will of showing the president footage of poor people in this country. And I bet if you were to go person to person I haven't seen the footage of just read about about. If you go person to person people digging food out of there. They're probably the most the more resourceful. Probably some stockbrokers lawyers. Maybe a few doctors university professors in there. Probably a few folks that were in favor of socialism at one point probably a few folks that thought equality was a good thing. Well, you got equality bubble. You got the equality of everybody starving. Not just a few. You got the equality of lack of opportunity. That's what social socialism looks like friends. Yeah. Yeah. You're equal equally poor equally destitute equally without any opportunity because socialism is never just an economic philosophy because in order to implement socialism. You have to have the means of control because you see if you allow anyone to open a bakery. And ten bakeries spring up. Even if the government gives them the money to get started, even if the government regulates them equally at some point one of the ten is going to figure out a way to make a better bun. And that one is going to figure out if I stay open one hour, two hours, three hours, four hours later, I can sell more and one of them is going to figure out a way to make the same better bun cheaper. And he's going to figure out a way to improve the customer experience, and he's going to grow in wealth, and those that aren't very good, and sir stale bonds and closed for most of the day. They're going to close up and when that happens they're going to demand from the rich guy. Hey, I want some of the money. He's making he's making more than I am. I'm jealous and socialism's about jealousy. So knock us all back down to serving stale buns. Socialism Lynn's itself, and we'll always end up at a dicta- to'real regime in the end. And that's when the American left, Bernie Sanders and Alexandria, Cossio Cortez will say, no, no that wasn't socialism. That was socialism.

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