Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Barack Obama discussed on Larry Elder


So in the interest of bipartisanship and reaching across the aisle Hey looks like a lady by Aerosmith stop the hammering out there who's got a hammer mark is only going to put me on the floor somebody go UP there and stop by hammering it's been rated PC or politically correct tension dismay learns that say we do Larry over here the sage from south central the people you the great characters welcome to the program allow because we've got to cut go triple eight nine seven one S. eight G. nine seven one seven two four three Larry elder relief act are constantly on this phone a broken you big Kirk Friday which will be playing in the third hour more on this in due course new poll shows that Joe Biden is more trusted on the corona virus pandemic then president Donald Trump that's a reversal in what the polls have said over the last several weeks more developments in the arm on our pre case former president Obama has now weighed in the university California system plans to eliminate the SAT and the ACT requirements for applying to all of the schools in its system going to go to a holistic approach.

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