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At this point in time, I feel like I am being ignored. We're now hearing from the first Republican to call for an audit of the state's GOP election, citing concerns of integrity despite the party's chair, saying results are final Katie years, Gabriel Gamino has more. The irony is we both ran on election integrity, said If you wanna you know, the runner up for state chair tells me that this is the perfect time for party chair. Kelli Ward toe practice what she preaches after her push to have man Couple counties November vote on it it we are the party of election integrity. That's the number one issue and she's been doing this for the longest time. So what better opportunity than practice what you preach and lead by example, as I was taught in the military, he adds, and now that we are simply requesting an audit of the turnout kind of odd that it's not being adhere to the Yano tells me the audit is simple and should be done to restore confidence in the elections. But he says he hasn't spoken with Kelli Ward since the vote. I'm hoping that I get a phone call and we and we move through the motions and put it all to rest. The Arizona GOP is also facing heat. Ford's sync shirt of prominent Republicans Doug Ducey, Jeff Flake and Cindy McCain. But Republican State Committee men trade. Terry says the proper procedure wasn't followed. Supposed to have 45 days before a meeting considering that didn't happen, he tells key today are the resolutions were presented in violation off their own rules, but Before because Kelly word one of them on the floor, and she forced them on the floor in violation of our own bylaws because he wanted granted, he says. The resolutions do nothing but bring bad press to the party. Both Ottaviano and Terry say Ward should be working to unite Arizona Republicans not divide them as they head into the 2022 elections. Reporting live Gabriel gumming your key TR news. The Republican Control Arizona Senate has hired an independent auditor to scour the 2020.

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