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I think that might be a stretch. I do think that any car can continue their slow but gradual increase of TV ratings social media presence and hand in kind of the falling. That indycar has I think is slightly. been going up year-by-year so that's definitely a good thing. I see this deal hurting that I still think that trend will continue to go on. Should be worried probably not You know they're kind of kings the castle when it comes to opening racing and They hopefully have that new car coming in twenty twenty one which I know. I'm excited for but I also can see the potential for that to reinvigorate reinvigorate effluent into being some premier entertainment. Because you know at the moment not very good but I do see a lot of potential for them to be a much stronger the entertainment marketplace in a couple years. You kinda just brought it up with saying they're not very good entertainment right now F.. One is he's obviously struggling on the entertainment side of things. I think that they are gaining a little bit in in some fan driver interaction. I I'm not saying it's good by any means but I I think they are trying to make gains on so I do want to applaud them him for that As far as do I feel like it's GonNa Regain fans that were lost. Probably not at this point. I mean there's been so many years between now and and people have found if they haven't comeback I'm back. They've found other avenues to get their fix BE IT NASCAR at Dirt track racing whatever They have kind of probably probably found there I.

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