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Can we talk about? Why this election in Wisconsin matters because part of the reason that the governor didn't WanNa postpone the election was that there were so many things up for election wasn't just the presidential primary. We're talking about city councils seeds and may oral seats all these seats. That could have sat empty. And there's a supreme court seat too. So what are these elections about? Yes so they have more than thirty eight hundred seats on the ballots across the state and that includes nearly sixteen hundred county supervisors and officers Five hundred sixty five school district board positions. Then you've got a lot of lower court judgeships that are open and one of the issues that Iverson noted was you know we. We don't know who can exercise authority in these roles. If we don't have an election these people they're filling terms that have a limited number of years their terms are going to expire. And we don't know who can actually exercise that power anymore so that was a big reason why he didn't want to cancel the election. I think a legitimate reason and a rational reason but by far the most important race that will happen in Wisconsin on Tuesday. Is that State Supreme Court race. Why do you say that because there was constant? Supreme Court is probably the Crown Jewel of the folks effort to remake Wisconsin. I mean the cokes and their their network of donors have poured so many millions and millions of dollars into the State Supreme Court races to install very far right. Reactionary judge is on the Wisconsin Supreme Court and they have succeeded. There's currently five to two conservative majority on the court and if this election swings left and the liberal candidate wins this state Supreme Court election that will go down to a four three conservative. Majority a pretty narrow split and that leaves room for a Democrat liberal to win the next race and turn the court blue flip it create a liberal majority and then that liberal majority can start chipping away at a lot of the extreme stuff that Scott Walker and the Republican legislature have implemented over the last decade or so. So what? Is this going to look like today? I just can't imagine going to vote right now. And many Wisconsin nights cannot either so a couple of things I'll be looking at is basically. How many poll workers simply don't show up to the very few in-person polling places that remain open. I think it's GonNa be fascinating to see if places like Milwaukee and Green Bay Madison can even keep a handful of polling places running because I think a lot of people who are supposed to show up to help are going to be scared you know. They're disproportionately elderly people who work the polls in America. They don't get paid very much. They tend to be people with lots of leisure time on their hands. So old people and they're not going to want to go and face thousands of voters who kind of crush into these these voting places and try not to infect other people are going to say. I'd rather stay home so look for catastrophes on the ground and also look at the election officials who are just swimming in piles of absentee ballots marches stern. Thank you so much for joining me. Sorry I don't have better news for you a few hours after I got off the line with Marc Joseph Stern Wisconsin Governor Eve irs announced. He was suddenly postponing the state's election due to the corona virus Republicans legislature immediately appealed to the State Supreme Court and the court ruled. The election had to go on so I called Mark Back. Can you just lay out exactly what happened here? Oh my God so all right. We got off the phone. I nine hours ago but it feels like it was years ago. I was a younger man. Okay we got off. The phone and Governor Evert issued an executive order that officially postponed the election. He said I am drawing on my legal powers to protect the health and safety of Wisconsin Nights and I am going to delay the election. Cancel in person voting tomorrow and call a special session of the legislature again and ask them to reschedule the election for June. And this is a power that governor had had admitted he did not have right. Yeah he he sort of said like basically. I'm not sure if I have this power that he was sort of playing a little real politique here. I think he recognized. The state has a very conservative and hostile Supreme Court and so he had been saying like I want this to be really clear I want The legislature to change the law. So I don't have to rest on my own shaky powers and he called the legislature into session to a special emergency session to to change the date and then the legislature immediately convened in said. Screw you Tony Evers. Were doing no such thing so he just sort of decided I might as well take a wild swing and see if I can make it work. Nothing to lose right or everything to lose depending on your perspective right Really everything because what ended up happening was Just a few hours after everts issued. This order that Wisconsin Supreme Court issued a four to decision blocking the order. Reinstating Tuesday's election and without explaining its reasoning. Basically saying the show must go on so as of this exact moment there is an election. There is in person voting in Wisconsin. Not many people may be showing up but there is a Wisconsin election on April seventh. So the people who decided that the election was going to go on. They have a way. They want the election to turn out quite absolutely absolutely they have. They openly have a vested interest in this election continuing so that the pandemic suppresses democratic votes and they get to keep their treasured colleague. Dan Kelly on the bench and they have said almost as much in public statements. Okay this conversation. It will drop into people's feeds on Tuesday morning. If I'm waking up in Wisconsin what am I doing? If you're waking up in Wisconsin. I sincerely hope that you cast an absentee ballot. More than a week ago. If you have not yet voted in Wisconsin. I have no idea what to tell you because some campaigns are saying put on your your latex gloves and your face mask and go vote and douse yourself enhance. Sanitizer and other campaigns including mayors who are up for reelection are saying. Don't vote like don't risk your life in order to cast a ballot. It is depressing that we have reached this stage. But you should not risk your health and safety. In order to exercise the franchise so it's like a really difficult. Moral DILEMMA FOR WISCONSIN. I it's and I don't know what I would do. But it's just another reason kind of vivid illustration of why this election should absolutely not be happening right now. Marches of Stern covers the courts and the law for slate minutes. After we got off the phone a second time there was one more. Update this time about how. Many absentee ballots will actually be counted in Wisconsin. Today because legally every ballot has arrived by election day pandemic or no a federal judge had tried to extend that deadline give voters an extra week to send their ballots in but on. Monday evening the. Us Supreme Court struck down that decision to give you an idea of what that means the city clerk. I talked to at the top of the show Mary Beth. She told me this right now. We're looking at thirty eight thousand. Five hundred. Sixty nine absentees. The at risk of having no possibility of being returned by election day. So those thirty eight thousand ballots just wouldn't count rate and that is just in Madison during the last presidential primary in two thousand sixteen. Mary Beth says she got four late ballots. And that's the show if you WANNA call and leave us a message. Tell us how you're doing. We'd love to hear from you. Our number is two zero. Two eight two five eight. Your voicemail will strengthen our reporting you can also find me on twitter. I'm at Mary's desk. What NEXT IS PRETTY BY? Daniel Hewitt Mary Wilson Jason Leone and Mara Silvers. Thanks for listening. I'm Mary Harris. I'll talk to you tomorrow..

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