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They all think about who was instrumental in helping them get on the right path He says the answer is usually found on a field like this It's a coach at the youth league level Here in Palmer park the Cal Ripken senior foundation opened up its 107th youth baseball field but the first tied to a police department Maryland governor Larry Hogan has had a lot of careers though pro athletes not one of them Not yet I mean but he says huge sports play a big role in helping kids grow up Team spirit the learning about discipline Joining in for the ribbon cutting was police chief malachi This will positively impact our youth In polymer park John dome in WTO P news Traffic and weather together on the 8th we're going to Ian Crawford now in the traffic center Back to the beltway in Virginia Dell and thank you very much for the caller Got a call from the crew there are going to be stopping traffic at some point Overnight on the capitol bellway's outer loop after one 23 This is overhead work installing a pedestrian bridge we understand And they're going to be doing this on the outer loop side overnight The adult express lanes out of business after west park drive because of that big old crane sitting in the middle of the roadway But outer loop main lanes will be brought to a stop right now getting by single file to the right but again expect stoppages of up to 20 minutes at a time Overnight after midnight to start your Saturday on the capitol beltway past that you are good interloop is not affected at all tonight That's where there'll be tomorrow night On 66 west bounders from the bellway heading towards cedarville the delays begin about one 23 the work is closer to route 50 X get 57 at a left lane gets by their east bounders and delays the several spots after the exit 43 for 29 Gainesville We are diverted into the service road to get by the ongoing work and then before 29 Centreville exit 52 single right past that work zone and then after the fantasy Parkway one to the right gets by that work zone and then again very glacial price eastbound 66 after not least three with a right lane getting by that part of the work zone On the Maryland side crash activity BMW Parkway New York under one 97 have not gotten any lane information on this one yet and it doesn't appear on the cameras but it does appear there's a delay forming north down on the BW parkways to try to go through Laurel There had been a report of crankshaft activity 50 eastbound near 7 O four with caution for what may be lingering in the roadway there in the district on D.C. two 95 northbound after Pennsylvania avenue still with delays may be the remnants of a crash never to get any information on this one but the delay is pretty apparent on the map The freeway and I two 95 no reported delays ID me the identity verification company committed to digital equity and access opening doors for all Americans more at ID dot me slash our promise Ian Crawford WTO traffic And thank you Now let's get your weekend forecast here as NBC fours We are on a permanent solo Friday evening brings very pleasant dry conditions and for the Saturday morning drive we'll see a few clouds in the mix otherwise.

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