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Just moments ago, a field goal from Daniel Carlson bringing Vegas back within four points. 24 20, Tampa on top, Tom Brady three total touchdowns. In this game, a couple of passing one to rob Gronkowski, the other Scotty Miller, also a quarterback sneak. The chief's, led by their defense and special teams have a 27 9 lead over the Broncos in Denver. Byron Pringle, a 101 Yard kickoff return touchdown. Daniel Sorensen, a pick six of Drew La Clyde Edwards, the lair has added a rushing TD. Niners all over the Patriots 32 6 Jeff Wilson Jr. The Star, three rushing touchdowns on his third of the day, he went down, holding his left ankle was carted off. He is questionable to return and the Chargers have just taken a 22 21 lead over the Jaguars pending an extra point. Virgil Green 26 yard touchdown catch. I'm Justin Herbert. It was green, though, as Richard mentioned before who was down on the play and was being tended to and now walking off the field as the Chargers have taken the lead in the books from earlier The Steelers go to six to know with the 27 24 win over the Titans. Ben Roethlisberger, a couple of touchdown passes to DeAndre Johnson, Stephen Gostkowski, missing the game tying field goal attempt with 14 seconds left Lions come back to beat the Falcons 23 22 Matthew Stafford at the Horn touchdown pass to TJ Hawkinson to win it. Browns over the Bengals 37 34 Baker Mayfield with 11 seconds left, hitting Donovan People's Jones. With a touchdown pass. For the Wind. Mayfield through five in the game. Saints top the Panthers. 27 24 3 TDs for Drew Brees Packers behind four touchdowns from Aaron Rodgers. Go 25 and one they beat the Texans. 35 20 bills Get six field goals to top the Jets 18 to 10 Washington all over the Cowboys, 25 to 3 this Sunday night game coming up the Seahawks and the Cardinals and Game five of the world. Siri's later the Dodgers and the Rays all tied up to Clayton Kershaw opposing Tyler Glass. Now on the Mount. I'm Kevin Dexter were CBS Sports Radio and Our Twitter Handle is at CBS Sports Radio. Guys. Just a Damon amended Laura catch the whole crew. Weekday mornings right here. 6 to 10, eastern on TVs. Sports radio. It's.

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