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Neither do i the mother film of the breakup upon keno with only so going what i to noticed these ron on these individual who dates which by don't the way i the suspend old disbelief curriculum and i really three kind of get don't into have the solo an dates opinion and and last night the only a he's again with the women and argonne as their ozarks pouring down out their hearts as he's listening he's looking into their eyes three and then he takes his fingers any puts his his fingers in oh the up towards their head and he moves their hair over the top of the woman's area so maye he takes girls they hair over the year like on a harry june blocking here native and as glad they're talking i had he takes us very any a hand moves there in the in the over world the year he does do this boom every very single rare time then within good seconds their kissing i have not morning known about bill america this thing though this it move was of the going to be the drunk hair ear deal bill i didn't know that that's keep something your that get degree you to the kiss no be it does maybe does a very curious to know is that a powerful tool no way to get no to a kiss are when gone you're on a date down sistani not mike uppity three why not on touch my neck it's it's not really face if they hair putting the hair behind your which is f and the to me of michael that i be like i would start laughing grave it doesn't look good he when you see it go down loud here they must feel good because everyone one ends up kissing him afterwards i think they just all wanted to give them so they could do a he could do anything and they'll be like mara mm patty as anyone ever done that to you know but i would in the love for someone to do that i like that moment anti well grew up watching nova laugh not and a ladder dhaka they christina all guys at fans do their in bit los it's angeles very dramatic this morning in over the top second.

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