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Take two to two masters rate one line so when I was twelve years old I got to play for Leonard Rose for the first time in he was pitch to play in tune which is true well that go into stores and throws you star cinch horse of know what the tempo marking is restored angled better grades to the attorney of Jesus from the tip of the end of time forty four something to the six I got soon so I always had a job like soda jerk then and call him back I worked I worked at a fifty at an ice cream store of Brahms ice cream translated hi I'm going to F. up your order most people got to take their pins off after about a week I made you keep an eye on yeah so I was absolutely inept absolutely and up because I I get nervous I'm just you WanNa do it exactly right and it's like the standards that about the yelled out because I confused I didn't know what side by side was and so this was and they had one of them came and says I want chocolate and vanilla side by side and a cup and I said sure and I want I just did the twist and I gave it this is a twist I asked side by side there is the difference in case anyone's wondering are you want to say the word business that's that's heavy so forgive me for steamrolling over your story this is a so okay orders the nice lady it's like a Cherry Soda Okay all right Theresa grabbed the thing grab the cup to soups of ice creams sprite or seven up again Cherry soda some other stuff and I stick it on the those old fashioned shake machine the blades I hadn't put it the Metal Cup directly in the Plastic Cup put the plastic odd fired on the spot really it was the worst and Best Day of my life tip you went ever all over all the ice cream you know has the sneeze cover for the employees all over that they went all over the grill it went all over the people meet it was it was a typhoon of Dexter kill room imagine with your customers starting now I can think of slow movement of a symphony or something and you just start like there was a there was in my first principal Gig at Hartford was situated rescue came to conduct soms Beethoven four and you'll have a little movement and so this bumble the timpanist got like a half Barra head and the orchestra it just it sounded like okay Beethoven Beethoven Ives was an hundreds stuck his hand put his hands by and this God Kord that was like from like Satan's blowhole it was horrible at it just it ended movement and the audience was I was getting caught with your pants down it was possibly the worst moment onstage wow in an orchestra that I that I have witnessed some pretty awful things happening by the hiatus you took that I think because I I feel like I had a similar well I I didn't know what I was going to do I mean I played I took up guitar and Bass Guitar and writing songs and actually at that point aww became a priest I mean I was like really drifting these Nathan you really never the sorry sorry Nathan you're kind of the opposite I think I mean I think me also I didn't I didn't think I would become a musician anymore where we were earlier today okay because we were talking to someone else who was talking about a kid and saying wow that kid can be anything he wants to be and I was thinking well not that any whatever came out and set it but I think the understanding was wow there's there's one thing you can be a good way to let them but you never lost I mean you you had a reason for us for me it was just like I just didn't like doing it anymore it's coming up right now but I mean you obviously there are like a family reason for you to just for something else do yeah it was like the one thing that I thought gave my life a little bit more meaning and channel connected just music in general I mean I never really left music at all it never left me I just I was a really really good kid growing up until I reached about that age I just got rebellious and school counselors were calling my parents here F- smell marijuana on your son I say that on your podcast that's terrible I don't think there's any legal case that I just go back and prosecute you because of the order yeah so it's funny how I just kind of made my way back but it ended up going going to Eastman and then after Eastman I went to Yale that was about roll more than it was about teacher usually because I might have gone to study with starker at Indiana but I decided to go to so and ended up being a decision anyway so but Yale and then I was just done with school I was sick of being in school and in the in the meantime I had gotten into in tomorrow Shea had sort of reconnected with David Soyer at that point and that was you know you know breathing in that that atmosphere they're getting to play with gala Mir in Schmidt Ryder and my God those people gala Moore played rebels string quartet four rebel I mean that's that's playing bear opus opus three with him he knew every note by heart will head to he could I don't think he could see very well point either I remember joking with him once I mean he didn't joke around with me he was actually quite a job with him he was quite stern quite mean with me and I came in I was the first person to arrive at air conditioning now I don't know metal mount is different but do you guys ever go to bed amount now I know I never did that or encore Nob- practice eh twice as good one I don't know why went because I all I did was to break the rules in sneak into the girls' storm that was it think you have to do that for five hours a day they're put a cassette tape. What if you're practicing going I do this exercise weight or those silence I can't remember he so yet it was really rustic up there when I was there I mean it was super I have a blanket I wrapped myself and my towel give you a Weirdo I just I don't do anything right so bring your own at that time you had to bring those incur- from home and I'll be fine so sound though it's not sad I'm just I'm just idiot so yeah talking about chatterbox I'm so sorry it's a podcast she said here silently would be scared please keep our long it can be a multi parter because I'm worth it doesn't we've been talking about ourselves for thirty episodes a refreshing change gallery story so I walk in place for the beautiful stradivarius diamonds in the hill style pegs instead of the wooden pips on dan rather were like probably one carat diamonds at least shot at well I said Mr Gallagher do you go to cartier to get your violent adjusted he just looks at me like so I think he tried to set me on fire and you probably heard something else I think that that cocky kit okay now and I was also really uncomfortable I didn't know what to say so I think with a lot of the old timers from that hat generation there was a like an invisible wall that you really ought not cross unless invited to do so and even after that Sa- million already yeah yeah sometimes that makes it worse it's like when that's the situation you almost blurt out inappropriate things even more I don't know what to say so you don't want to say the wrong thing and then you just end up spontaneous terrific syndrome he went to Marlborough several summers so it's just there two summers I did I did a brief tour did this thing to New York and DC and then I just at this point that you have a job yes it was right before I got the the Hartford symphony job and I had a small management in New York took interest in me and so I signed with them and I thought that that was going to be good but I I was actually looking after my mom at the same time I brought her to Connecticut with me to live and that's as we all know we all know somebody who's done something like that it's it's hard it's hard to move back home in a way but my mom couldn't walk anymore looking after her and it was really hard so it was either like get a job as a bartender or something or because the phone wasn't ringing off the hook for me to play concerts I mean I I had a big international music competition a few years before that when the Irving Klein competition my friends always called Calvin Klein communist that competition kind of got me gummy going but I don't like well I don't think anybody likes competitions nobody likes editions but I really really have a tremendous amount of anxiety around than I in my mind was what been there done that bought the he should I don't need to do that again one of one that's that's fine that's good enough for me and I probably should have kept going you know butt off must have should have you know you can never but I mean we're you hoping solo concerts yeah that was my I mean I grew up wanting to be a soloist yeah I mean a lot of us are are sort of in that way anyway but you know it's funny right around that time I started adopting a different attitude that you know maybe opportunity will knock in other places so when I got the job in Hartford something's happened you know I got I got a few more solo concert was really when I when I want my position Detroit that door started opening and I conceivable positions that we're talking about yeah I only went after principal position specific because I in Hartford I I realized pretty good at this and the challenges is that are sort of inherent in that position are they came pretty easily to me like leading a cello section dealing with people I think for the most part when I'm of sound mind comes very naturally to me and so I wouldn't say it's easy money or anything but I I liked it and I I was good at it and I I enjoyed it plus that time spent in Hartford I got to learn all the big solos all the big pieces and and it may not have been the Berlin Philharmonic but it was a job in a got got me a lot of experience so I was in that position for about nine years during which time I I met Betsy and she was in the coastguard band trait simply principal cello position and I was there for ten years and I never thought I'd leave we loved it there we got married they're our kids were born there I mean entered fright there are a lot.

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