Ian John Mabry, Claiborne, Tony Lima discussed on The Tim McKernan Show - Ep 9 - Questions from the Audience


I'm i really want to do a show but i don't want to do to kind of show you do an uncle my god i do you know it never crossed my mind and he goes yet but i also don't want to react mekonnen they're like ripped the organization that's not the guy wanna talk about you know a parenting regarding youth sports and that kind of thing i am an whatever my goal is to to generate revenue and and sell advertising on it and if i've got my within ian john mabry and my claiborne doing a show that's a win for me and if you can espouse your message good for you but anyway with any disseminates email a coming on the podcast coincidentally so i suppose i'll i'll read right now attempt ice was followed up it's a good to hear a that the show is doing so well with the guess you guys have gotten i will not be able to join as soon as i have my daughter's wedding this week and then my wife and i are going to be spending some time on vacation but i am certain that will make a day work take care and talk suit so fun facts reknowned tell we happen to have breaking news on a recorded show but uh that's another example i mean if you think of mike within a you're well aware of who mike metheny is and how mike metheny um you know is is is certainly an makes no secret of his christian values will you come on this show and you've got a guy talking about watching uh 5 guys watching him engaging in coitus with champagne tony lima's niece and another guy talking about uh wanting to grow own marijuana farm startup is on marijuana farm and whatever the hell i'm battling you wouldn't think that's the place that might with a knee would land but at the end of the whole discussion if if if it's all mutually respectful as opposed to now let me take it back to two thousand fourteen and tanaka is coming up and you bring in michael walk what was on your mind him that's that's that's the kind of stuff that i think now i realize there's a wing of people who enjoy hearing that but if you have a conversation you can wind up getting to that point.

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