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Like which is a seven eleven nicer you wanna go go down. Got The guy down on you make so you'll make a right on on that like I could see that Nigger no-one freeze. No one reaches beneath atomic contemplation. Know what that means is that you'll be capping ever regularly. I know as a negative says go all people every Nigga in a in a panic niggles. Okay you need to be real durant. Aren't a Mike Check. Check one two one two. Hello can you hear me nigger? That's how I'm GONNA start might check in Mazda you'll we don't we guest pike as we need to do a Mike check. I'm just GONNA be like looking here single nigger nigger. That's one way to them. Know heard you and they'll be like Roger talking everyone but that's one way to tell me the room listening. Jesus Christ what a dumb ass surgeon. General Jerome Adams Tales. Black people to lay off the alcohol tobacco and drugs to prevent covert nineteen deaths. Doing for your big Mama Big Mama got the B.'s. Struggle do for your Bra. Yeah he was the one who said Not to make it political and not the blame trump just like a couple of weeks ago and now he's awesome but these blacks you can blame them. They're dining higher rates and you know why because they can't help themselves despite there being actual studies that say that black people do drugs and drink less than white people. Because I've got to be awful lot of light. Nagoya Japan that Bush it or not even just go to jail. But I mean it's the healthcare system at some point to was not completely you know a it's a lack of resources and a lack of care that gives worse alternatives. I mean this is just like a like there's house where the stuff gets polluted flint and people go you know the the black people live terrorists because his water. What does also plays where it was like. Striking and white people are dying from cancer and all this type machines is right. This is I would say the common denominator is not race. It's the environment in those situations right. Anything well healthcare alternatives. When you're have less when you have less ability to afford healthcare but also you have access to healthcare you're gonNA have worse health care results right. It could be as simple as not having a hospital in your area. It could be as simple as not having insurance because the kind of jobs that you employ are employed by. Don't let you work forty hours a week. They're not salary positions. They don't come with healthcare things of this nature that happen and then you have people be like what is this more than black people are lazy. You Know Oh you live in a food. Desert don't eat You know you're not able to make it a whole foods every night and grab something go. Yeah you're lazy you just. I'll all the grocery store in your area closed and moved to the opposite now. One of them decided was beneficial enough to stay the other thing. I didn't see people bring up in this is Mostly GONNA affect population centers. Well guess what if you look at most maps and you see where the black people live in. Any state is the population centers. So on a few places where you can feel like materially safe and where there's employment and resources cities right and so you don't have you know. Of course anyone that lives in space is going to be more likely to get it you know. So then you compound that with lower access to healthcare lower believability when getting healthcare when people come to your pain and stuff and like just go home and sleep it off. You'll be fine. You know that kind of Shit you know you gotta deal with that so He he is so crazy because Yami alcindor is like This the the White House correspondent for P. B. S. And she's really been blowing up on twitter lately because she just be up in impress. Congress's Grill and trump and she had brought up that despite talking about these statistics for the last days and experts warning about the potential for exactly the scenario for weeks the administration still has plan for addressing a disproportionate impact. The viruses had on the black community and back Adams appeared to make an appeal to black folks to step up according to how Singapore. Us Surgeon General. Jerome Adams says black. Latino other people of color should avoid alcohol tobacco and drugs. We need to step up. He says I'll send or reported on twitter noting that some will find Adams language offensive. She also noticed that he had previously stressed. That behavior was not the reason why more blacks are dying from. Covert nineteen is unclear whether the atoms gotTA signals cross without script simply losses. Damn I I mean I could see of you. Were just saying we're asking everybody in general to do it because you know more something like that but you specifically say black people well he will probably asked about black people died at a higher rate. Okay and with anything like this. They're mainly go to pathology. They never go to racism they never go systemic oppression and they always go to pathology black people. It's the it's the way of clear clearing hands clearing a conscious it's not us. It's the blacks. They're just not acting right Yeah tells Black People Latinos and other people Colorado boy alcohol and drugs. And as you're due for your granddaddy and do it for Your Mama. Do it for your pop pop. June bug The comments are surprised for a number including the fact. That Adams was striking very different tone earlier. This week talking to be earlier. This week Adams acknowledged that the health issues that may black people so vulnerable to cover nineteen systemic. He told the channel we're addressing the social inequities that have occurred and that can cause poor health in our society. Among the reasons he noted less ability to social distance because of the work they do in the neighborhoods. They live in as well. As high rates of chronic disease like asthma diabetes and lung disease that can make covering nineteen severe recently reporting recent reports. Show that native. America meetings have also been hit hard by disease and in New York City to episode of the Corona Virus outbreak in the US Latino residents face. The highest run of is death raise. It should be noted that this number likely included substantial number of black people says the city is home to so many relatives. Systemic problems require a suite of solutions both large and small scale experts who spoke to the rue in. March suggested dedicated corona virus hotlines direct outreach and care centre neighborhoods that are considered medical desert's and reducing air pollution in the communities that already face higher cancer and asthma rates. Air Pollution has been shown cove nineteen much more deadly. The trump administration has continued to relax those industries pollution guidelines during the pandemic. They don't care so yeah but They sent him out to. This is his Colin Powell with the yellow powder moment. I guess Care Act zero to one hundred.

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