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Again, she had was friends with everybody being Crosby suggested to the producer David o cells. Nick, how do you play the role, and how got it and the N double A C P denounced gone with the win. They're like don't make this movie. But if you do you need to like, get rid of all these racist us words that are in it. They got rid of all the racist words, except for one the said Blackie at some point better than than just throwing around nigger all over the place, and I'll take it on the step in the right direction. This is nine hundred forty s we're talking about. Yeah. And so most of the things that they petition did end up happening in it like in the book, a bunch of black men attack Scarlett O'Hara, but a bunch of black men attack Scarlett O'Hara and the KKK steps in access heroes. So they. They did not put that in the NWPP's like Joe. Then I then the movie so she was actually banned from being able to attend the Atlanta premiere Howdy. So we're not allowed to put because south sound. She's. Yeah. You like why? South georgia. Okay. Clark Gable was like that's fucked up. I'm not gonna go because they ride or dies. They were like best friend cable. You was there for ally Rae. I and how'd he was like boo go go to the film, and the author of the movie is so well, the author of gone with the wind who she was there because she's white and she could go there. She was like girl, you should have been there. There was a mass applause. It was thunderous applause. They loved you. They loved it. She did get to attend the LA premier. Woo from you should have been a, homey. If I would have been if they had invited me by going on shown up and then so fast forward to nineteen forty. She was nominated at the twelfth Academy Awards for best supporting actress, she's forty six of the time. Now when you get to the awards, she almost was not going to be able to attend because the embassador hotel was segregated. Okay. And so I the producer David owes cells neck had to petition for her to be allowed into the coconut grove nightclub where it was being held. So she almost couldn't even attend that. And she was not allowed to set at the same table as Vivien Leigh co-stars, Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable? Shed us it somewhere in the back with her date..

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