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Hello thank you for joining us today you're listening to the sob network part of the radio network i am your host joanne muir the show name is art of south of a show to encourage inspire people to fully evolve we have a fabulous guest on our show today i'm incredibly excited to introduce you to billy mays saint petersburg florida based billy mays that third chose his moniker infinite third to represent an inner duality infinite being the part that's created connected to the greater consciousness third representing the human element it follows that his endless layers of ethereal guitar crime beats and pulsing drones act as a conduit for something greater than the sum of their parts songs are often improvised journeys through undefined scales structured and concise but with room for random moments of openness the perfect gateway into experimental music he's well recognized in the tampa bay area tampa bay times ran an indepth profile and he was bestowed to best of the bay awards from creative low things reader's poll best local experimental act and best local instrumentalist mazes interacted looping project mount council was also chosen by sure microphones for an international marketing campaign billy your list goes on and on let me just say hello and thank you for being on the show with us today all right thanks for having me yeah so you are everywhere meaning on you know you you've really explored your art in so many ways it seems that you come to it so you've actually said in in in your bio that you have a channel element to your art and it sounds like you create just on the spot so wherever you'd like to wherever your channel to start today tell us a little bit about your story and how you got to do this kind of work.

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