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I i still haven't had anybody check in on it eight awake am be will they start the quote death lineup the hampton five lineup the fast five lineup whatever you wanna call them will they start them from the go i don't see it happening in houston not with clint cappella he's a different type of player than anthony davis i think they will go in more traditional center something else we should we should pay some attention to hear the warriors bench loses a lot of depth when you start igwe dolla who's the warriors best bench player when egwu doll starts i'd have to say shaun livingston or the mighty quinn to be honest with you shaun livingston shaun livingston's play well only played fifteen minutes last night they've been using them a ton he had a couple of mid range jumpers but if you need offense and nothing dollars your offensive a force but he's the captain of the bet she comes on the floor he directs traffic he winds people up sets up david west for those mid range jumpers sets up shaun livingston for those midrange jumpers helps kevon looney get buckets in the pain so i'd be i would imagine climbed to believe that they'll come with a more traditional center for the for the at least the first game of this series see how it plays out and if you still want in houston then you're playing house money you still want to houston you never have to go back and win another one then you can start that that hamptons five lineup all you want for the rest of the series five five nine says they're picking rockets and six five five nine you are damned funny on a wednesday morning at five twenty five post game steve kerr said it's been awhile since we played houston but i think we're ready for him yeah it's a weird deal because we haven't played them in so long men we only played them three times just because of the schedule so it's been a long time since we've seen them but we know they're a great team we know they're ready and we'll be ready for them to own on says definitively they will start the hampton five from the go steve kerr would not comment on that after the game last night.

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