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Buying experience this week in one thousand nine hundred to the seven iron bowl is played for Auburn beat Alabama twenty three to nothing in Birmingham today. The Auburn Alabama rivalry has had eighty two meetings and Alabama leads forty five thirty six with one tie this week in nineteen sixty seven major league baseball is American League votes to allow the athletics to move from Kansas City to Oakland and expand the lead to twelve teams in nineteen seventy one with teams in Kansas City. In Seattle this week in nineteen seventy four Chicago bull. Nate Thurmond becomes the first in the NBA to complete a quadruple double twenty two points, fourteen rebounds, thirteen assists, and twelve blocks this week in one thousand nine hundred seven the first World Series game ever played in a covered stadium. The Hubert h Humphrey Metrodome and also the first World Series in which all games are won by the home team and this week in two thousand nine New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady had one of the best games of his career against the titans throwing five touchdown passes in the second quarter alone. NFL record six totally threw in the game in a fifty nine to zero route. That's your iheartradio weekend sports time capsule. While you're doing your job. We're doing hours the latest news at the top and thirty past the hour. And when it breaks. On NewsRadio eight forty W H A S is this even possible. No, the French have passed a law. They don't want you to mock anyone's accents any longer. Oh my goodness. Now. Launch me beam that I have without you. Sweet looking. Sweet soul. I've been using that as our intro to me two oriented story. Schulman's? She went to play he love else. French member of parliament has proposed that mockery of accents be outlawed after an irate politician derided, a journalist south western pronunciation before asking if anyone had a question in understandable, French. Somebody used an accent. They did not like these things happen around here. You know, how that goes lull? Try that on your Siri, by the way, sometimes all you have to try different pronunciations some Louisville Louisville. If that happens if that helps too or just use this to help you get there. So that your elocution. The ville. That works out. Anyway, watch your accident. We'll see what's up. All right. We're back. We'll get your sports update and a few on NewsRadio eight forty W H S NewsRadio. Wait, forty W H A S traffic.

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