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And English are the forces behind what will be known as English Methodist gardens sixteen million dollar development that Berlin homeless families and disabled people with forty-seven, affordable, apartments English president and CEO. Diane Roth says they've put together a collaborative that includes Philadelphia. College of osteopathic medicine Belmont behavioral hospital and Philadelphia fight to create a true intergenerational community in which people's support each other to live healthy active engaged lives for the disabled. Finding housing is a huge challenge that is Robinson had to wait a year and a half to find a new place to live after his building closed. We need ten more projects. Most buildings have a to some of you have a five year reading this ordering an apartment nowadays. There's so many Methodist and English hoped to begin construction by the end of. The year. I'm Paul Kurtz, KYW NewsRadio. Dozens of women are suing the US Olympic Committee for failing to prevent abuse by former trainer the lawsuit filed in a Denver federal court accuses USOC board members in a number of high ranking officials of failing to prevent the abuse of the fifty one women at the hands of the now imprisoned former head trainer of the women's gymnastics team. Larry Nassar the suit details abuse that went back as far as the late nineteen ninety s with one of the victims claiming she was eight years old when she was first abused. Most say they were too young to be aware. They were being abused at the time but became aware after other victims told their stories during Nasser's child pornography and sex abuse trial last year, the lawsuit cites a report that details. The committee slow response to the sex abuse cases and alleges the USOC violated title nine and the constitution by not acting right away. I'm John Stolnis. As the fallout continues in the wake of the college admissions cheating scam. Some celebrities are getting out ahead of the scandal. Back in two. Thousand fourteen Facebook post from one of the companies of the scams mastermind William Rick singer, touted clients like NFL legendary quarterback Joe Montana who now has tweeted that singers company provided bolt nothing more than minimal consulting services to his family and quote as saying his kids had the pick of many schools because of their hard work golfer. Phil Mickelson also tweeted he used singers consulting business saying, obviously, he's not involved in the fraud. Is that his kids would disown him and his wife if they ever intervened. Jim Roope, Los Angeles. Two key senators want to shed some light on the Trump administration's nuclear negotiations with Saudi Arabia democrat, Bob Menendez and Republican Marco Rubio say they want the government accountability office to investigate the negotiations amid reports the senior White House officials have been pushing for the sale of nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia Menendez and Rubio both members of the Senate bar relations committee say they're concerned the Goshi are taking place in what they term an opaque manner. They also state that. Before they can approve any new nuclear agreement. They want to ensure that it does not create a security threat. Linda Kenyon, Washington today was a big day for a fourth year medical students around the country is gateway wsa daas Kuznits reports. It was matched with one little envelope. Medical students on matchday found out where they'll be doing the residency then for how long it's going to be six years. I'm doing surgery, a surgical sub specialty taro he tells me his matchday envelope confirms. He'll.

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