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He knocked out Cody garbrandt but that wasn't Cody was fighting like a madman. So yeah, he's lost last two or three Piazza versus think they Luke a, that's a fight. I walk, he has to win but shit this guy Liu Kang. He he ran through Tyron Woodley. He beat Round, Randy Brown. He beat Nico price. He'll also Stephen Thompson, but that did so hard to fight he'd be Mike Perry before that people thought. Barberena knocked out Krantz. I mean he's he's a monster but he has has a dude that like He's starting to really come into his own, if when he calls were fighter, he he beat Neil Magny, you'd have to go Sonya's, big ego, Sanchez, be Carlos Condit his last loss of thing, and he he's just 2018, and he lost a. Kevin Lee in a weird fight, that was stopped kind of early, but he probably would've went out. Who knows? Who like in this fight, Don Frye. I don't know, either one of them coordinate McCorkle I'm going to locate man. I've never been a big fan and not body was that great, but he has to go to the last couple. I remember cuz I lost money betting against him. So yeah, I'm going to go with him. I think he has, he didn't hear some loser. Diego, Sanchez. Also know he beat Sanchez. He he killed got close to losing, right? I going to give him a roar timer. No, no, he, he, he BTA go like, 3027 I believe it was or Thirty twenty-six. All three, all three guys, at 3026 page for somebody to surprise and I can't remember who it is now. But yeah, I'll still golu K. I'm going to go with yes, I don't know why I just because he's comes on my show and he's a friend of mine. So this is all heart right here. And I am overseas to Torres cuz she came to my, my show last week. She's awesome. But she has like, she has, like, the stone-faced, like, wrestling bit fake. I don't know what she's thinking, but she But she seems to love this. I love her. She's awesome. This going to be a good fight. Both girls are great Strikers, he's the one, the first one I'm looking forward to this one, a lot. Any thoughts on this one? You guys always go with Angela Hill, man, hunting because her grandparents got abducted by, but yeah, maybe territory as mad, because some guy tried to put a magic marker on his office and have his way with her. I don't know. I would, and it would make you have that face for a long time now. Yes. And then also on the card is Casey Kenny, who lost Dominick Cruz. He's from Tucson. He's fighting song song. Song yadong trains Team Alpha Male. They have a lot of like, Asian guys. Now from China. He lost a Chrysler Phillips. It'd be Marlon Vera lost a Cody stamann off. I like Casey. Kenny in this one. I think that Dominick Cruz is this awkward for anybody? I think people don't realize how awkward he is till they get an error them but I didn't realize it off. I'm surprised that Dominick Cruz didn't request, but he fights on your dong. Cuz I heard on here heard on the cruise, always looking for a dog, but you say this is, all right. Okay, and then Ed Herman, verse Alonzo, menifield was the benefit was a guy that like, went to, like, seven different youth centers and as a kid, he was adopted by like a Christian family from Nigeria. Is a guy that took him into his brother, like raised him..

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