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I'm Bob Conway. These are the top stories on NewsRadio WBZ. And the New York Times says President Trump allegedly received hundreds of millions of dollars from his parents and help to hide tax money from the government more from CBS nother surveys out about the dissatisfaction Illinois ins have with the state and at the Jason Van Dyke trial the defendant took the witness stand in his own defense today. WBZ sports ashes Rick. Greg two extras, they go cubs and Rockies tied at one into the ten at Wrigley field in the National League wild card game in business down was up one hundred twenty three points. Nasdaq down thirty eight s and p was off by one point we have cloudy skies and sixty one degrees. CBS news. Update. A new report in the New York Times says President Trump was engaged in suspicious tax schemes before inheriting vast sums of money from his father decades ago. Correspondent lean Hano New York Times investigation claims the president was involved in multiple instances of tax fraud. They include allegedly decreasing the reportable value of gifts from his parents during the nineteen nineties. The report also states, President Trump received hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate holdings from his father, the New York. State tax department is reportedly reviewing the allegations response. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, said in part, quote, Fred Trump has been gone for nearly twenty years that had sad to witness this misleading attack many decades ago, the IRS reviewed inside often these transactions the New York Times and other media outlets credibility with the American people is at an all time low because they are consumed with attacking the president unquote CBS news update, I'm Matt piper. Jabaliya Abebe news time ten thirty. Thirty two. There's a new survey out about the way Illinois ins feel about life enlist state. The AARP's survey twelve hundred registered voters in Illinois twenty-five and up found two-thirds rate their anger with the state's fiscal quagmire at four or five with five being the most angry the top three reasons cited for leaving the state were high taxes government mismanagement and the high cost of living in that order voter anger is intense. That is Joe Woodward of Springfield, and AARP volunteer. WBZ news time ten thirty three. Jason Van Dyke was on the witness stand in his own defense today vandyke adamantly stuck to his version of events even when confronted with video show two different scene about the shooting of LA Kwan McDonald, Reverend Jesse Jackson outside the courthouse says that McDonald was big your pardon telling the jury that is Van Dyke was trying to force the black teenager McDonald drop the knife he held as he advanced towards him said there's a tape shows. The teen should not have been fatally shot Jackson telling reporters save shows. Shoddily spun them around twice Sharon fourteen. About ten other officers wore on the scene of a shooting. Prosecutors have stressed during the trial that none of them opened fire. Four members of a militant California based white supremacist group. The rise above movement have been arrested on charges of traveling to Charlottesville Virginia to incite a riot and attack counter-protestors white nationalist rally on August eleventh and twelfth of last year the turned deadly. Reporter dorey Zirk has more on the story in Charlottesville, all are from California. US attorney for the western district Virginia Thomas, Colin these folks were members of organized group engaging in criminal activity in multiple jurisdictions. And for that reason they race to the top of our priority. A group is ram or rise above movement their affection for social media helped investigators both identify them in document allegations. Benjamin Drake daily Thomas, Walter Gill. Colin white and Michael Palmer Selous all face up to ten years. Massalas lost his job at Northrop Grumman after he was identified in a story by PBS frontline and propublica that same story led to the end of a Camp Lejeune marines career for CBS, news, Charlottesville and emergency. Test alert will be going out tomorrow to mobile phones around the US. This is what it will sound like starting at two eighteen PM eastern time eleven eighteen AM on the west coast. The subject of the alert will read presidential.

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