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Execution of charles the first with fifty nine signatures cromwell's being the second the execution warrant of the king was brought forth and on january thirtieth sixteen forty nine king charles i was executed this sparked an uproar across the kingdom especially in ireland and scotland cromwell's forces mobilized and engaged in a series of massacres across ireland and scotland while this was going on the rub struggled cromwell grew frustrated with his new government's ineffectual leadership so he used armed soldiers to disarm and remove the rump parliament on april twentieth sixteen fifty three in their place cromwell installed a group of like minded religious individuals this became known as the barebones parliament the barebones parliament didn't last long either by the end of sixteen fifty three a new constitution was drafted an all cromwell was named lord protector of the land for life he was king in everything but title from sixteen fifty three to sixteen fifty eight cromwell ruled hoping to push for more serious social and religious reform despite his parliament hoping for continued political reform allowing for a better distribution of power cromwell insisted on a one man government and parliament more than that he believed in rule by god and not by the people true to his puritan background he continually pushed for more conservative laws such as his blue laws which outlawed blasphemy cursing drunkenness and adultery despite his best intentions cromwell was accused of being a hypocrite and tyrant no better than the king most had worked hard to depose to add insult to injury he lived in the monarchy's palaces he dressed like them and he was referred to as your highness lucky for the uk cromwell's health had been failing him since his campaigns in ireland he was suffering from kidney failure due in part to a urinary infection known.

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