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There's confirmation today the General Motors is partnering with the south Korean firm to set up an electric car battery factory near the car plant the GM closed in Lordstown Ohio marketplaces Nancy Marshall ganzer is here with details I can do the GM and south Korea's LG can say they'll invest more than two billion dollars in the facility it'll be a joint venture they say they're going to try to cut the cost of batteries to lower the price tags of electric vehicles and how many jobs might this new venture bring that region more than eleven hundred which is not nearly enough to make up for the approximately four thousand people who worked at the GM Lordstown plant making the Chevy Cruze GM sold that plan to boards town motors corporation and electric truck maker but it's only expected to employ about four hundred people G. M. C. E. O. merry borrow was asked during a press conference this morning if they'll give preference to a former GM Lordstown workers she was non committal it will be a joint venture with the new and sexy so that will have to be worked through banks that you know clearly we want to tap into the great work force that's an Ohio then will the workers in this new facility belong to a union Barr says that will be up to the work force and she emphasized again that it is a new facility Nancy Marshall guns are thank you ahead of tomorrow's hiring an unemployment reports the Dow is down thirty points to ten percent the S. and P. five hundred is essentially flat the nasdaq is down four points less than a ten staying with the key.

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