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This turns out. Mike francesa listens to the podcast. Well, checking out our I two. Great. And I'm like what a one star. What did he say immediately on my, oh, what did I do wrong? Oh my God. Well, of course, you remember? This is great. I I mentioned that Mike francesa might be a little racist. Because he was very giddy over the fact that hotel Beckham's asks was outta town. Yeah. One star review titled garbage. By goodfellas twenty four had March thirteenth two thousand nineteen just relaxed Koby. Enjoy the poetry all all the one idiot. Does is curse a lot and think it's funny or emphasizes lame take. And then he likes to call any old white guy racist for nonsense. They never give winners or good angles. Last time listening dash unsubscribe, and man we lost garbage two hundred thousand dollars. So doesn't Mike francesa goes by the alias goodfellas? Twenty four this is so this is based off Ryan last pod. Going hard on Mike francesa. Do you know that though, I know Kobe? Okay. Why else would be upset over? Head. Why else would be? Maybe watching college basketball. I've lost a lot of money on. I see what you're going. I see listen, it's. Yes. So that concludes that Sean, well, listen, I if if you don't want us to be run outta town with these horrible Mike for Sesa related reviews. You got to clean out or slate. Give us some sweet five stars. It's March madness man, we crave you heard the fan wagering exchange. They're giving away five thousand dollars..

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