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And you know get to experience you know everything from the off road stuff with general to you know the imsa road racing with continental so lots of fun and thank you guys for joining in you know for the journey but i gotta tell you jordan taylor does have his own podcast it is worse subscribing to if you listen to this show you definitely should go and find that over there on on itunes just search jordan taylor is gonna pull right up at the guy is comedic he's got a different spin on podcasting love getting drivers you know to do podcast and radio shows hinch and rossy have one to you always get a different spin a different take on things and it's really entertaining when you get that because everybody brings different personality and driving background things and i think you get a dynamic podcast by people who eat sleep and breathe racing bing you get you know from somebody that you know just literally sits behind a mic and analyze this thing so definitely worth checking out going subscribe to that it's through a good friends at sin tire media as well you know they syndicate this show in addition to many others and jordan's amy's new show so definitely check it out but we're going to take a short break we come back wrapping things up here on the down and dirty radio show powered by polaris razor you want extreme performance reliability and the most fun you can have on four wheels the police razor brings it to you but you don't need to take my word for it you can take there's tanner faust and choose the polaris razor because it's the most fun you can have with the steering wheel what's up i'm ronnie renner choose polaris razor because it's the sickest most reliable side by side on the planet up everybody heavy diesel brothers listen i'm on team razor because it's hands down the best piece machinery on the planet i'm rj anderson's choose players razor because it's most fun most capable machine action sports stars tv personalities and some of the best race car drivers in the world all choose polaris razor because it's all to makamba nation of power suspension agility and fun find it more for mason on the web at polaris razor dot com or follow at polaris razor on facebook instagram and twitter and use the hashtag razor life to share your story.

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