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It's very clear on that the us orchestrated that in and look had they didn't set up front this is our policy in this is what we want to do we would be in the same place because ultimately we have to deal with a resolution that's on the table and it's long term consequences for is on this is a very very bad un resolution brought minister benjamin that yahoo called of the us ambush deputy national security advisor bad road firing back on israel's travel to like definition and it's not an ambush win present obama care you have been saying and hundreds of conversations and i'm public comments that is really subtle activity was pushing into the west bank in a way that was making the to state solution on achieve the ball over time resolution past with us failed to to veto at on tuesday for the first time ever a japanese head of stayed will visit pearl harbor hawaii prime minister shams all day will later reset the uss arizona memorial later hill speak a thick i'm air force base promised robin expected to promised the japan will never repeat the atrocities a war but he will not apologize for the japanese attacks seventy five years ago this month the truth the us him to world war two had he been able to run again the president obama says he's convinced he would have won a third term telling the acts file podcast host advise former senior advisor david axel ride his vision would've trumps the republican campaign in part of what we have to do to rebuild is to be that and and that means organizing that means caring about state parties in means caring about a local races throw bowman acknowledge the democrat party has a to work cut out the interview courtesy of siemian of the university of chicago instituted politics fox news they're.

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