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Ap radio news i'm jacky quin some of the november elections are shaping up with primary victories tonight republican greg pence the vice president's brothers won the gop primary for an indiana congressional seat west virginia senator joe manchin won his primary but he faces a tough fight in november in a gop leaning state and we know in ohio republican attorney general mike dewine will face off against former national consumer chief richard cordray for governor to replace john casick and three north carolina congressional incumbents won their primaries tonight secretary of state mike pompeo's and north korea president trump says that he is setting up for a summit involving trump and kim jong un hopefully a deal will happen and with the help of china south korea and japan a future of great prosperity and security can be achieved earlier president trump announced the us is withdrawing from the iran nuclear agreement giant fiction that murderous regime desired only peaceful nuclear energy program today we have definitive proof that this iranian promise was ally stormy daniels lawyer says that he has information there president trump's longtime personal attorney received half a million dollars from a russian billionaire within months of paying out hush money to daniels michael avenue released documents but says he has proof of wire transfers excavation for the remains of up to seven girls reported missing decades ago has ended for the day in wooded area northeast of detroit the sister twelve year old kimberly king spoke to w x y tv about the surf until we find her at will always be the most important thing in my life former california governor george duke megan's died he was eighty nine this is ap radio news.

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